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Work Intake Process

No description

Kaylea Donley

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Work Intake Process

Work Intake Process
The work intake process identifies standards and processes that will be utilized for the intake of work requests. The goal is to create a unified method across AT that will streamline all work requests in order to use our resources to their fullest capabilities.
Work Intake Process
Work comes in many forms and from many sources. For the sake of uniformity, organization, and structure, work requests will be classified based on ITIL standards. Types of work requests are: Incident, Service Request, or Change.
AT Collaboration
The PMO and eMerge will collaborate throughout the project's life to ensure high quality results.
What Is Work?
Work Ticket Submitted
When a customer identifies a need, they can make a request by calling the Technology Support Center or through the customer’s relationship with the BA. The BA will submit the request via the Technology Support Center or enter directly into the ITSM tool.
Work Categorization
Technology Support Center triages work as incidents, service requests, or normal changes. If the work is a normal change, it will become a project request after preliminary requirements are gathered. If an incident or service request, the appropriate support personnel will be assigned, and it will be tracked through the ticketing process.
Gather Initial

BA completes high level analysis to gather initial project requirements. Upon approval and kick-off of project, a more detailed analysis will be completed.
Create / Submit Project Request
The following criteria will be required when submitting a project request within Daptiv:
Business Impact
Cost Savings
Labor Savings
Labor Pool
The PMO will review and discuss the submitted project requests during the CAB meetings. These meetings will include the BA, customer representative, and the PMO. The PMO will review projects in the “pending project request” view of Daptiv. The project score, customer priority, and resource availability will determine project approval and projected start time.
Change Advisory Board
As part of the project request process the BA will provide high level estimates, by resource type, which will be utilized to evaluate available capacity of AT resources.
Capacity Planning
Approval of
Requested Project
If the CAB approves the project, the PMO will update the planned start and planned finish date. This is the best estimate at that time but is subject to adjustment prior to start.

The PMO will publish approved pipeline and in-progress project status on the PMO website. Additionally, the PMO and eMerge will be in continuous communication regarding the portfolio.
As an approved project's planned start date nears, the project will be generated in Daptiv by the PMO and a PM will be assigned. The assigned PM will schedule a project kick-off meeting and initiate the project.
Project Pipeline
Project Process
Next Steps
Training on Daptiv input and available views
Finalize the Technology Service Center process (post June 17th)
Formally transition to new process in early July
New CAB membership
Weekly eMerge / PMO meetings
Resource Hours
Units Impacted
# of Users Impacted
Applications Impacted
communicates scope, status and specific project related communications
works with customer to understand requirements and ensures project deliverables meet the customers needs
Business Analyst:
Project Manager:
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