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Types of Government in Southeast Asia


Daniel Barkes

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Types of Government in Southeast Asia

Japan What are the three ways in which government determines citizen participation?
What are the two predominant forms of democracy? Warm-Up: On your own Paper, describe the ways government distributes power. Type of Government: A Republic...
However, China is a communist country
and power is held by the communist party China India Type of Government: Federal Republic Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy Types of Government
In Southeast Asia Similar to our system, but in India the central government has even more power India has a President and a Prime Minister Prime Minister: Manmohan Singh Shri Pranab Mukherjee President is the Head of State PM is the Head of Government People elect the members of Parliament The people also elect the President to a 5 year term In India, everyone 18 and older may vote. They have a President and a Premier President HU Jintao Premier Wen Jiabo Elections...The people vote for Congress...Congress chooses the President...The President chooses the Premier...but the only party you can vote for is...COMMUNIST. How many major political parties are there in our country? What does this mean? Head of Government is the Prime Minister The Emperor is the Head of State Yoshihiko Noda In Japan they have Universal Voting Rights What does Universal Voting Rights mean? What Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gave African Americans the right to vote? 15th Amendment What Amendment to the US Constitution gave women in America the right to vote? The 19th Amendment
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