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Modern Family

No description

English Group

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of Modern Family

Modern Family
Media and Cultural Differences
Types of Families
The Ever-Changing "Modern Family"
Comparison Between
Leave it to Beaver
Modern Family
Creators: Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan
Media’s role
Television series
Modern Family
Brady Bunch
Kate and Allie
Evolution of Modern Family unit
Blended families
Homosexual families
Intercultural families
Modern Family
Opened up cultural conversation
Elton John (all over media)
Worked hard to reshape conservative’s views

Multicultural family
Different traditions and beliefs
Latin American culture
Social media
“Genealogy allows people to personalize the past”
Establishes mixed-race identity
Dramatic change in Family unit
Increased mobility
Entertainment industry
Importance of social acceptance

Modern Family Family Aspects
Leave it to Beaver Family Aspects

Gay Couple
- Mitchell and Cameron
Blended Family
- Jay and Gloria's families from previous marriages combine
Multi-cultural Family
- Gloria is a loud, outspoken Colombian and Lily is Vietnamese
Modern Family
Leave it to Beaver
Leave it to Beaver
Aired from 1957-1963 on CBS and ABC
Set in the late 1950's and 1960's
Focused on "Beaver" Cleaver and his boyhood adventures
Revered as the "perfect suburban family"
Consisted of a devoted father, a typical housewife mother, a smart older brother, and a troublesome yet innocent little brother
Lived in a white picket fence house
Presented the dream American family- a heavily pursued yet highly unattainable household dynamic
Nuclear Family-
Traditional family with married mother, father, and two children
Strictly Caucasian
- The entire family is white with no foreign siblings or parents
Conservative Clothing
- June Cleaver always wears typical housewife attire
Parental Respect
- Beaver refers to his father as "sir"
"Beaver's Prize"
Both shows were broadcast by ABC but have drastically different themes- Shows just how much society can change over the course of time

Stations appeal to the viewer
Cultural changes and influences led to the different aspects of both shows

In next fifty years- What will the television family look like? Will
Modern Family
be "modern" anymore?
Reasons for Changes
Types Of Families:
Nuclear Family
Single Parent home
Extended Family
Childless Family
Grandparent Family
Mixed Race Family
Same-Sex Family
Polygamous Families
Adoptive/Foster Families
Blended Family
Never Married Family
Co-custody Family
-Lloyd and Levitan came up with the concept for
Modern Family
while sharing stories about their own families
By: Ashley, Codi, and Kai
Growing support for gay marriages
Rise in divorce rates
Interracial marriages are accepted
Fall of 1950's era conservatism
Desire to portray a realistic family, not a perfect family led to the creation of
Modern Family
Christopher Lloyd:
-Worked on the show
Golden Girls
was a screenwriter for
Flushed Away
Steven Levitan:
-A producer and writer who has won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a People's Choice Award for his work
Geared toward the suburban and urban population
Families and family members of all ages
Made for all races (but may divert some Latin Americans because of stereotypical portrayal of Gloria)
Suitable for both genders, no extremely sappy or macho moments
Nuclear Family- Claire and Phil's family is a Nuclear family
Blended Families- The show has Gloria and Jay who have a blended family
Homosexuals- Cam and Mitchell are a gay couple with a little girl
Conceived by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan
The first episode, "Pilot", officially kicked off on September 23, 2009
Modern Family
is ongoing and in its sixth season
After this season, there will be a total of 144
Modern Family
The show is filmed in Los Angeles, California, the same city that
Leave it to Beaver
was filmed in over 50 years ago

Modern Family
A mocumentary made to show the struggles of living in a family through a humorous perspective

Leave it to Beaver
- A feel-good, iconic show about the perfect suburban family
Both shows are strikingly different yet wildly popular because they appealed to their respective audiences
Steven Levitan's body of works include stellar shows like
Just Shoot Me!, Fraiser, and Modern Family
In Conclusion...
"Pilot" Modern Family Seas. 1 Epi. 1
"Beaver's Prize" Leave it to Beaver Seas. 3 Epi. 4
The New York Times
Leave it to Beaver
Nuclear Family
Conservative Clothing
Parental Respect
No Divorce
No Homosexual Relationships
Modern Family
Blended, Same-Sex, and Nuclear Family
Mixed-Race Family
Tight fitting clothing and "Mom" Attire
Two Previously Divorced Families
Gay Couple
Clash of the Cultures
Made for the "modern family"
Modern Family incorporates many aspects of the real life modern family
Modern Family displays types
of families that are typically taboo to
have on a family television show such as families where the spouses
have a significant age gap and homosexual couples.
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