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Lab Safety and Graphing review

No description

Bruce Mercer

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Lab Safety and Graphing review

Lab Safety and Graphing review Lab Equipment Lab Safety Charts, Tables & Graphing A key will be posted for you to check your answers Please answer the questions related to this review on a piece of notebook paper! Question #1
About how much liquid is in this beaker? Question #2
About how much liquid is in this Graduated Cylinder? Question #3
What temperature does this thermometer show? Question #4
What mass does this balance show? Use 3.4 for this number! Question #5
How much liquid is in 'A'?
Question #6
How much liquid is in 'D'?
Question #7
One of these balances shows an incorrect measurement. Which one is wrong, #1, 2, or 3?
Please complete this online Web Review! Time for a quick back scratch break! One cats Super Bowl video! Sports drinks are getting better Question #8
How many earthworms grew to a length of 7cm?
Curious about earthworms? Click here Question #9
Fertilizer appears to have no effect on which type of flower?
Question #10
About what % do Large Leaf Waterlillies cover?
Question #11
How many cm does the green arrow show?
Question #12
How many cm are there in one inch?
Question #13
Please answer this question 7? Use this to help you! Question #14
Please answer this question Question #15
Please answer this question Question #16
How much wind does it take to produce 100 kWh? Question #17
Does bullying increase or decrease as you get older? Question #18
Was bullying better or worse in 2003? Question #19
About how many cm is 5'8"? Question #20
Is 70Kg a normal weight for someone who is 5'9" tall? Last Question on notebook paper!
What is the definition of 'corrosive'?
(use this link to help you find it) http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/corrosive Need help reading this chart? Watch this explanation Lastly... Please take this short safety quiz (handout)
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