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eduardo guadiana

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Invention

World of War Craft World of war craft started in 2004. A company called activation Blizzard created it and other people piched in ideas and added more to it. The game was created for entertainment and so the people that made it could get money. On this game people can play with others around the world. The other games related to it are 4 saga, 5 street, and 9dragon. The company also made other games like it. Now it has about 100 billion dollars that they had made. The game is still getting more popular and getting more money each day. It is still available and getting more popular. It has better graphics and more subscribers. I would add more places and missions so people would want to play it.I would make it so you could play with the people you want like your friends. They have millions of subscribers and still getting more each day. To be able to plat the game you have to have a member ship that you have to buy.
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