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Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out so you better build a shelter before that happens.

Carter Jones

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Minecraft

Minecraft Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens Keyboard Controls Some minecraft
worlds will look like that. In Minecraft to get to places
you have to move so look down
at the chart I have made. W=forward
also you use the
number line to
select the items for
your character . Minecraft
Mobs In Minecraft there
are many types of
animals and monsters. Now I will tell you the types
of mobs in the chart below! P.S I will only list 5 because there is a lot of mobs. Here is the list! Cows,pigs,
creepers,zombies and skeletons. Guess what! In the
future of Minecraft
there will be new mobs
added! In minecraft most
people build shelter
to protect you from
monsters. Minecraft Biomes
and what the world
looks like Minecraft worlds will look like this. This is a desert biome.Desert biomes are full of sand and cactuses. This is a mountain biome.
In mountain biomes there
are lots of mountains. Minecraft Multiplayer
Servers There is also snowy
biomes.In snowy biomes
there is lots of snow and ice. In minecraft there are multiplayer servers where players can play minecraft with each other. I know two multiplayer
servers and the names
are citywars and minederp! I also know somebody
who plays on minederp.
The username is skotty
craddz. For some servers
there is a whitelist.
A whitelist is when
people ask to sign up
and if they are allowed
they will get the address
they will put it in on minecraft
and then they can play on the
server. Mods and Texture Packs
In minecraft
people use mods
and texture packs
to make the game
funner and look down at the next
paragraph and wait and see! I have a couple of texture packs on minecraft and they are minewars,painterly pack,terria and vaultcraft2. Texture Packs change the eye
of a minecraft player and make the
game look very different then normal.
On special websites you can download
texture packs. Mods are almost cheating in minecraft
but they can help you alot in survival
mode like the single player commands mod
it can spawn all the materials you need to
build your house. Items There are many types of items
in minecraft and one of the rarest
types of items are diamonds and
gold. Also you craft with items
to get other items and the
items you get can be very
helpful in minecraft. When you kill a mob
you can receive
special items. About the creator of minecraft
NOTCH Markus Persson started
minecraft in 2009 with some
friends from Tigsource. Did you know Notch
is a nickname for
Markus Persson who
is the creator of Minecraft? If you have a Facebook
or Twitter account you
can follow minecraft and
they might tell when new
updates will be avalable! What I do on minecraft On minecraft I play
on my singleplayer
worlds and sometimes
I play on minederp and
citywars. On minecraft I play
on this world and I
found a stronghold and I went to the
End and when you
defeat the enderdragon you
enter this portal
thinge and then it
does this lecture and
when it is over you respawn at the spawn point and then I think that I beat the game! THE END!!!
thank you for
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