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Fear Of The Sea

No description

Sepehr Marandi

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Fear Of The Sea

Earl McKenzie author of the story Ossie INTRODUCTION Complicated Incident One of the tourists, a middle-aged woman with red hair went forward and knelt beside the body. She tried to get the water out of his body.
A few moments later she got to her feet with a dejected face. “I’m sorry” she said. “I have done everything I can. I’m very sorry but he’s dead”. Earl McKenzie was born in rural Mount Charles, St. Andrew Jamaica in 1943 (63 years old).
He lectures in Philosophy at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, in Jamaica, and was awarded the Musgrave Medal for his contribution to Literature.
He seems to be a shy person, and painting is one of his interests. He is a smart and curios kid. He has never been able to see the sea. However, he had heard about it from grownups. Perhaps the best description he got was from an old man who said “It was like the biggest field of cabbage one could imagine” “Fear of the Sea” is a short story written by Earl McKenzie about a boy named Ossie who has never seen the sea. The story is exciting in the beginning but at the end it has a sad twist. The author writing this short story doesn’t actually tell you the setting of the story like when or where the story is taking place, but he does leave clues and hints so the readers can find out by themselves. Ossie and other people in the club-house heard someone’s screaming as it was getting closer and a woman rushed to the club-house “Caswell drownin’!” she cried. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and rushed out of the club-house. climax FEAR OF THE SEA Earl McKenzie Main Character rising action Falling Action The woman who had taken the news to the club began describing what she had seen: “I noticed that he wasn’t looking too happy since morning. But it's not my business what going on. Everybody can see what going on between Adassa and Neville. This is their business. Resolution The person who had taken Caswell’s body from the sea asked to report the death to the nearest police station. It was getting dark when the police came. Ossie didn’t want to see what they are doing so he remained in his seat. After that everybody got on the truck to way back home. On the way getting home Ossie felt so sad and every time he thought of the sea, he felt a cold fear approaching his heart. MEHRAN , SEPEHR , AND MOHAMMAD When Ossie and his friends got to the front they saw a black man coming toward with Caswell’s body slung sideways across his shoulders. Ossie’s parents bought three tickets of an outgoing to the beach for the three members of their family. Ossie on his way back to home was running fast to prepare food for the trip. suddenly he crashed Adassa. “Boy, why you don’t look where you going” she shouted angrily.
Further down on his way he saw Adassa’s boyfriend, Caswell, sitting on a bank with his head and hands bent over his knees. He said “good evening” as he passed but Caswell didn’t respond. Looks like something sad had happened to him, Ossie thought.

Tomorrow morning they were ready to go Ossie noticed that Adassa and Neville are walking together. The geographical setting for this story is a small town near Kingston but it doesn’t say which one it is. It is probably the one in England because in the story, it was a day trip to the sea and Kingston, England is at the south of England right against the coastline, while the Kingston in Ontario is miles away from the ocean!! Geographical Setting CHARACTERS Mass Aston ...........
Adassa .................. Caswell .................. Neville .................. Ticket Seller Caswell's girlfriend Adassa's boyfriend Adassa's new boyfriend
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