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Technology and Applications

Neha Shaah

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of QR CODES

QRC ? Applications QR CODES
TECHNOLOGY Bus commutators pass
Livestock management
Other applications Quick Response Codes
2D barcodes
When we scan a QR code->
we are virtually directed to a place
where more information about the
topic is stored.
Information can be:
d)Image What do they look like?? For Bus Commutators Patients Attacks on qr codes Jewellery Education Livestock
management Other applications Bussiness cards
LPG cylinder management
Payment of bills
Discount coupons Resistant to distorted symbols Linking functionality of symbols 360 degree high speed reading Generator Anyone of us can make a QR code by following two simple steps
Generate QR code by entering data at any of the following websites
Print the QR codes for others to scan and use. Efficient encoding of kanji and kana characters Properties Direct marking Application - which is available for free on following websites
People having cell phones with
camera and an internet
connection, can take a
snapshot of the code and
find out what it says. The Reader BY-
Kalyani Upadhye
Neha Shaah Cummins College of Engineering for Women Micro QR : suitable for small data/ space and when efficient reading is required.
Contains only one finder pattern.

SQRC: Where personal information is involved, the demand for the protection of data encoded in QR Code is rapidly increasing SQRC is used.

iQR :
QR code + [ lots of info ,print into less space, = iQR Code
Rectangular space ] Types Phishing and pharming :
The QR Code can be manipulated to redirect the user to a cloned website.
Attacking reader software :
Attacker can gain control over the entire Smartphone.
Social engineering attacks :
QR can direct the users to infected websites (threats of virus and being cheated).
Use antivirus !
Assure the URL before scanning!
Prevention Conclusion Intelligent marketing possible
Technology at hands
Cheap and secure
Easy to use
Infinite applications
Thank You !
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