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Nose Warmer

No description

Allyn Arrowood

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Nose Warmer

Nose Warmer Design
The Mitten
All of the animals in the story need a way to keep warm. They all have fur, but none of them have a way to keep their nose warm. You must create a nose warmer for the animals to wear and to keep them warm.
Your nose warmer must:
Be able to stay on someone's nose without touching it.
Keep a nose warm if an ice cube is on top.
How will you make sure your nose warmer stays on your nose?
How will you build your nose warmer so it keeps your nose warm?
What materials will you use?
In your notebook, write a plan of how you will build your nose warmer. You must include the materials that you will use and how your design will work.
Use the materials provided to create your nose warmer. Don't forget that it must be able to stay on your nose without holding it and it must be able to keep your nose warm.
Did your design work?
How might you change your design?
How would you build it differently next time?
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