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About me...

No description

Agnieszka N

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of About me...

About me...
ICT experiences:
I didn't have a chance to use computers or technology at school or work very often. However I'd like to tell about a few cases:
Mostly I use computer to communicate with my friends. However there's a few things that I can do with computer:
For my parents it was really hard decision what name they should give to me. Finally they decided to call me

and that's my name. Anyway, I like when friends call me just
My name...
As I remember I was a teenager when I started to use a computer. At the beginning to use a computer I used to visit my friends who already had it. Thanks to them I had a chance to get to know the new technology. The beginnings were very hard for me...
My skills:
My computer initiation...
After some time of using computer at my friend's place I started education in high school. One of my school subjects was IT. I think I liked it. Anyway I finished this course and thanks to that I got to know what can I use computer for.
At school:
I used to work at the post office. My task was to register recorded deliveries. I used to spend 8 hours using computer a day.
At work:
* listen to the music
* watch movies
* play games
* instal software on my computer and also reinstal operating system (I am proud of that) :D
* record CD's
* use Microsoft Software (Microsoft Office etc.)
* download and upload files
* look for informations and other stuff
My favourite stuff:
Now I'd like to introduce you some of my favourites websites and aplications:
My motivation beyound using computers is simple...
Because I want to progress, not to regress. Thanks to computers my and others life may be better and easier. That's the best motivation...
My motivation...
Thank you for your time!!
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