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1st Grade: Meet the Teacher

No description

Vanessa Williams

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of 1st Grade: Meet the Teacher

1st Grade: Curriculum Night
Contact Information
Sherrod phone number: 682.867.3700
1st Grade Conference Time: 1:45-2:15
Mrs. Severy kbauerse@aisd.net
Mrs. Williams vwillia4@aisd.net
Mrs. Rayburn: jrayburn@aisd.net
Mrs. Felton afelton@aisd.net
Let's talk....
Report Card Rubrics
How you can help your child
What is your child learning?
Homework/Reading Logs
Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to join us this evening. Getting involved in your child's education will result in a successful school year.
Report Card Rubrics
Let's take a look at how each standard is measured
You can find the rubrics on the AISD website http://www.aisd.net/information/Reportcard_Info.aspx
How can you help?
Read with your child everyday
Make sure your child sees you reading & talk about what you're reading
Talk about math- shapes, time, coins, patterns, numbers
Help your child set academic goals
Count with your child
Stay involved & feel free to contact your child's teacher
Teach your child to be responsible for their actions & their school work
Make sure they have a good breakfast & good night's sleep
Let's work together! We are a partnership!
What is your child learning?
Calendar Time
Math Stations
Writer's Workshop
Literacy Stations
Guided Reading Instruction
Social Studies
Homework/ Reading Logs
Homework will vary on your child's teacher's preference
Homework is for practice of previously taught skills
Incentives will be given for completed homework
We will begin reading logs and/or homework the week of Labor Day

Arrival/ Dismissal
& Uniforms
Parent/Teacher Communication
Email is primary method of communication
Blue folder is to be checked in the evenings for important notes home
Any notes to teacher must be placed in folder
Folders are checked every morning
Check with your child's teacher for other forms of communication (Remind or Class Dojo)
Parent conferences will be completed by Thanksgiving.
Arrival, Dismissal, & Uniforms

Breakfast is from 7:45- 8:10
Students need to be at school before 8:20
Change of transportation must be communicated IN WRITING to the teacher- not just the office by 1:30.
Dress code uniforms- Handout
Students must have a change of clothes in backpack to keep at school in case of accidents
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