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Lead the World to Freedom

No description

monica estrada

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Lead the World to Freedom

When we promote democracy and freedom, it provides a clear and moral purpose to our moral policy.
Lead the World to Freedom
Monica, Allyza, Jaeb, John
We believe that WE are the LEADERS of the world!
Human rights are universal. they should solely consist of civil and political rights based off of OUR constitution
Why yes.
Who we are?
What should
we do?
We are responsible, we should be the ones to promote and PROTECT the rights of individuals around the world
View on the ICC
A country who FAILS to protect its people from
- Mass Murder

WILL NOT receive Sovereignty
View on Human Rights?
human rights of liberty and democracy are KEY for international peace
We are The United States of America!
Spread freedom and democracy through diplomacy, trade, aid, sanctions, and (if necessary) military action.
Capitalize on American values and find facts and ideals that promote our option 1.
Also, find outside facts such as us naval police force and destroy the arguments
violates U.S citizens' constitutional rights!

human rights violations can NOT be contained by borders
Welcome international support for our human rights policies.
Announce that we will not allow tyrants to hide. WE GOIN' FIND YOU!
If we increase the number of countries that respect the rights and liberty of the people, it will increase international stability and protect the security of the U.S.
ONLY support international treaties that promote the civil and political rights declared in the U.S. Constitution.
Refuse to join the ICC, while establishing international criminal tribunals
Promote civil & political rights around the world.
EX: NGOs, regional human rights organizations, and individuals.
Many individuals around the world yearn for their individual rights and liberty, and since we present these in our ideas they will support and welcomes our policies.
1.How are you suppose to elect leaders that will
feed you if you cannot represent yourself?
2.Who in their right mind will even attempt to intervene in our internal affairs.
3.We do. Guess who's navy is the worlds police force? The USA navy.
4. Promoting human rights in abroad directly affects issues in the US economy. We are not independent, granted we can be but we trade with countries all over the world.
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