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Apache Orphans Committee

No description

Maged Elsabbagh

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Apache Orphans Committee

This year we started our fundraising campaign last month.
Mr. Tom Maher approved for Apache to match up to 60,000 LE of contributions to the Orphans of Egypt.
The orphans committee last year under the lead of Mohamed ElGhawaby succeeded to collect 80,000 LE.
The first email to Apache employees was sent by the 15th of June
By the 30th of June we reached 85,000 LE of donations.
Today we have ......
Special Thanks goes to those who spread the word with their friends on Whatsapp and Facebook to collect donations from them.
Important Issues to discuss today
1. New and creative ideas to raise more funds for our campaign.
2. New orphanage that we can help
3. How are we going to spend the funds and the procedures that we need to follow to perform our job with due professional care.
New and creative ideas to raise more funds for our campaign.
Think Outside The Box
• Fundraising trip for Expats and their families and another one for nationals.
• Extend our fundraising campaign to include Apache employees in other regions not only Egypt.
New Orphanage to Help
• We have already a list of 47 orphanages that we supported last year, but it’s important for us to update this list and search for more orphanages to help specially in south Egypt.
• We encourage every employee who knows a trusted orphanage to share its data and needs with the Orphans Committee.
How are we going to spend the funds ?
Is it better to collect the donations and Apache to match it then we start to spend it or we may invest it in a way or another and use the return of the investment on our charity activity ?.
I suggest forming a small committee of 5 persons to be responsible for visit a sample of the orphanages and see its need physically not through emails and phone calls.
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