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Water Properties

No description

Teika Clavell

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Water Properties

The Amazing Properties of Water
Water is a unique substance.
There are several unique properties that only water has. Here are a few.
Water is less dense in its solid state than it is in the liquid state. That is why ice floats.
Water has a high boiling point
Water is the universal solvent
Water has a very unique polarity which gives it other unique properties
Capillary Action
Surface Tension
Why does ice float?
Density- the amount of "stuff" in an object. In this case, molecules. When they are closer together, you can fit more in a given space.
Water's Specific Heat and Evaporation
Specific heat is the measurement of energy needed to raise one gram of a substance, like water, one measure of temperate.

(One pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit is 1BTU/lb (British Thermal Units)
Heat of Evaporation is the measure of heat at which a substance, like water, turns to a gas state.

(One pound of water at boiling to evaporation is 970.4 BTU/lb)
Solvent & Solute
No, not this kind of salute
No, not this one either
A solvent is a substance that dissolves another substance to form a compound.
A solute is the substance that is being dissolved
In this picture, what is the solvent and what is the solute?
What is Polarity?
You know what a magnet is right? Well that is polarity; the tendency for an object, like a water molecule, to be attracted to other objects, like other water molecules.
Water molecules like each other.
Adhesion & Cohesion
Adhesion is when substances that are not the same cling to one another.
Cohesion is when particles of the same substance cling together
In your notebooks, describe how each of the pictures demonstrates either adhesion or cohesion.
Capillary Action
Capillary Action, in regards to water, is the ability of water to "climb". What property(s) of water do you think contribute to this ability?
Walking on Water is Possible!!!
Obviously, there are some body mechanics of the lizard that allow it to use the surface tension of the water to its advantage. What an interesting adaptation (not all Basilisks can do this)!!
Surface tension is the property of liquids, like water to act as a thin "skin".
The Water Cycle
Transpiration is the direct evaporation of water from plants.
Condensation is when water vapors (gas) collects and turns to liquid.
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