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When & Why

No description

Kimberly Watley

on 9 October 2017

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Transcript of When & Why

Where it all begins...
Begin applications one year in advance
eg. August 2016 for Fall 2017

Majors should be active and admitting at this time for admissions - updates to Plan of Study will be accepted to April 1
Curriculum Oversight
Deadline for UG and PR Plan of Study
eg. April 1st for Fall 2017

Course Demand
4 year degree plan
Online Catalog
University Catalog
Online bulletin content begins = March
Publication of University Catalog = June 1

Academic Regulations
New admit can access Plan of Study and Course information

Degree Clearance =
myPurdue Plan
Candidate Clearance Reviews
Begin September = December Graduation
Begin January = May Graduation
Begin June = August Graduation

Electronic Degree Clearance
by December 2017

It's a journey,
not just a destination.

Take a Road Trip with the
Office of the Registrar

Vision vs. "Reality"
- prior to new plans of study being approved

Schedule Build
Plans of Study
Course Modification or
New Course Proposal
Deadline for UG POS: March 1st 2018 for Fall 2018

Schedule of Classes (Resources)
Plans of Study
Continuing students = March
Fall New admits = June

myPurdue Plan
4 year degree mapping
Presenting an understanding of different processes, timelines, as well as their interdependencies.

Schedule of Classes
Fall schedule = December
Spring schedule = August
Summer schedule = November

Facility requirements
Instructor conflicts
Plan of Study effect
Your Navigators
Kimberly Watley, Assistant Registrar
Josie Galloway, Deputy Registrar
Rules of the Road

Admission Application - April of previous year for Common App to include in August
Changes with Plan of Study due April 1st of the year for fall admission

Course Demand
Plan of Study
Curricula Modification
Admissions process - Already started yet we know curriculum changes are dynamic and fluid in nature.

There are many miles between the first application received and plans of study that will ensure the students’ progress toward degree. Although admissions has started the process, changes to majors are dynamic.
Some situations require changes to be made at the beginning of the new academic year -Fall. (If courses are a prerequisite, on a POS, or equivalent.)

1. Course number change
2. Course credit change
3. Transfer course to another department
4. Classes are being built

PU previously did not have an online catalog
Reviewed complete program hierarchy – both undergrad and graduate
- Ripple effects into SIS system: SOACURR, courses, departments, etc.
Define security roles for originators and approvers for Plans of Study
- No consistency across colleges
Technical resources needed – do not underestimate

Lessons Learned
Change Management

a. Communication thru memos, demos, and everyone is in the know!
b. Business Processes (Internal and External)
i. Modification of college policy -timing of committee meetings
ii. Course change forms
iii. Creating new majors, minors, concentrations
c. Additional burden of resources on departmental staff
d. No more paper plans of study

Hands on training
a. Attendance required to submit their fall plans of study (degree requirements)
b. One-on-one training with registrar staff member
c. 41 individual training sessions

Next Steps

a. Incorporate State Laws, Higher Learning Commission, National Student Clearinghouse requirements
b. Complexity of project
c. Coordination required

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