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Recruitment 101

No description

Elizabeth Scott

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Recruitment 101

"striving ever to make our lives a symhony of high ideals."
ZTA's recruitment techniques are unique to us and is key to a successful recruitment. We do NOT share these techniques or discuss anything covered in workshops with non-ZTA members.
Formal Recruitment
A time period designated by Panhellenic to recruit new members. Rules are in effect to allow for a "level playing field" for all National Panhellenic Confrence (NPC) organizations.
This is the number one opportunity to obtain more ZTA members to help our chapter grow successfully with members that fit within our selection criteria.
ALL chapter members

will play a crucial role in recruitment!
Not everyone can be a preference speaker or recruiting potential members. BUT each and every role is vital to having a successful recruitment that will make your chapter the best it can be.

Recruitment also requires a team of ZTA Alumnae and National Officers to provide educational and logistical support.

Lastly, Panhellenic Executive Board, Recruitment Counselors and the Greek Life Office keep everything running smoothly to allow the best experience for every potential member.
Recruitment is all about TEAM WORK!
Perfect attendance at ALL workshops
Practice, Pactice, Practice
Positive Attitudes
Now it is your turn:
What do you FEAR about recruitment?

What do you EXPECT to learn from these workshops?

What do you WANT to learn in these workshops?
gotta learn the
Invitation to become a member of a sorority
Bid List:
Following Preference in Formal Recruitment, a list of all members who attended is compiled in rank order. This becomes the list from which PNMs are matched to sororities.
Bump Group:
Group of ZTA members formed to effectively meet and evaluate PNMs during Formal Recruitment.
COB (Continuous Open Bidding):
Used when a chapter is not a at Total or did not reach Quota during Formal Recruitment.
CROWN (Continue Recruiting Outstanding Women Now):
Zeta Tau Alpha’s term for Continuous Open Bidding. CROWNING reminds us to constantly seek non-Greek women who could be assets to ZTA.
Discussion Session:
Held during recruitment to discuss PNMs who are either “in the range” of being considered attend the next phase.
Evaluation Ballot:
Used to evaluate each PNM for voting between events each round of Formal Recruitment.
When any member or organization violates recruitment rules. Infractions are dealt with through the Panhellenic judicial process.
Female with family ties to a member of Zeta Tau Alpha.
A direct legacy is the daughter, granddaughter, or sister of a Zeta.
An indirect legacy is a relative with close family ties, such as the niece or cousin of a Zeta.

Potential New Member (PNM):
Female student participating in the recruitment process.
desired membership distribution of the chapter by class size resembles a pyramid. This distribution aims to help a chapter sustain growth.
number of women each sorority may pledge during Formal Recruitment. Quota is set during Formal Recruitment by Panhellenic. A chapter may always pledge Quota even if it put the chapter over total.
Release Figure Methodology (RFM):
A formula recommending the number of invitations a sorority chapter may issue prior to each round of Formal Recruitment. Assists all chapters in having a successful, fair recruitment.
The local College Panhellenic determine Total, the allowable chapter size. It includes both members and new members. Transfer members may affiliate if a chapter has already reached Total. Chapters can reach or exceed Total during Formal Recruitment, but if a chapter does not meet Total during this time, it should CROWN to maximize membership opportunities.
make a connection
first round event

Introductions, finding common ground, introducing Greek Life and ZTA.
make a friend
second round event

Learning a lot about the PNM and a little emphasis on ZTA; making HER comfortable.
make a zeta
third round event

Still focusing on HER, but more about ZTA; what ZTA has to offer her.
make a sister
preference round

Focusing on the connection between the PNM and ZTA: how much ZTA means to its members; how special she is to ZTA and what an asset she would be to ZTA.
Make a Connection
Personally connect with the PNM
Getting to know the PNM, lightly touch on ZTA
Find a topic the PNM enjoys talking about.
Find things that you have in common with her so she feels as if she has met a new friend!
Utilize open-ended questions
Show GENUINE interest!
Make a Friend
Match the PNM's interests with what ZTA has to offer.
Interested in sports? Share experiences about intramural games.
Student government? ZTA has tons of leadership opportunites!
Volunteering? Race for the cure, service projects, etc.
Make a Zeta
Personally connect with the PNM
Getting to know the PNM, lightly touch on ZTA
Find a topic the PNM enjoys talking about.
Find things that you have in common with her so she feels as if she has met a new friend!
Utilize open-ended questions
Show GENUINE interest!
Make a Sister
Utilize the 4 Steps to a Perfect Pref!
Rotation Systems
A rotation system simply moves everyone around in a way that is unnoticed by the PNMs. However, it allows as many Zetas as possible to meet them and likewise, for them to meet as many ZTAs as time allows. Along the way, connections are made and information about ZTA is shared.
Why bump groups?
The goal of each bump group is to make a meaningful connection with as many PNMs as possible. No matter the size of your chapter or how your recruitment is structured, using bump groups will help aid in the flow of conversation and keep the chapter member organized and focused on meeting their potential sisters!
3 types of rotation systems:
Cocktail Rotation
Zetas recruit in teams and have group conversations where ZTAs and PNMs interact together. It feels like a "cocktail party."
Bumping (Line Rotation)
In the simplest terms, if you think of each bump group as a position on a straight line, your members are simply moving from one position to the next every time they are bumped by a sister from their bump group. This allows them to meet PNMs at each position.
One-on-One Rotation:
Each Zeta talks to one PNM for the entirety of the event. This works best for Preference, the final round of Formal Recruitment, where the conversations are serious and in-depth.
Cocktail rotation requires
Chapter is divided into groups of 5 to 10 and have pre-assigned recruiting locations around the room.
A "hostess" will pick up a PNM at the door and moves to their assigned group area.
The hostess NEVER, EVER leaves the PNM in this style of recruiting!
How does it work?
For this style, you must have a bump leader who will start the bump.
The bump leader must NOT pick up a PNM at the beginning of the round so that she is available to start the bump.
Each member of the bump group ALWAYS bumps the same person!
Depending on the length of the event and size of your bump group, it is reasonable to expect that each member will meet between two and four potenial members.
Bump Group
Does NOT pick up at the door. When instructed, begins the bump by bumping the 1st person in the bump order.
Bump Leader always bumps
who ALWAYS bumps...
Zeta 1
ALWAYS bumps
who ALWAYS bumps...
Zeta 2
ALWAYS bumps
who ALWAYS bumps...
Zeta 3
ALWAYS bumps
who ALWAYS bumps...
how to be the
zeta tau alpha
be the BEST version of
Make-up is a must!
not this...
Balance is KEY
Natural eye make-up, neutral lips and a CONFIDENT SMILE!
Living Nametag
one word that describes you
3 important values you try to live by
3 things or people that mean the most to you
3 favorite memories
DRAW 3 hobbies

Lighthouse & Row Boats
Not too big, not too tight...
but juuuuuuuuuuuust right!
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