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America Before Columbus

No description

Bilal Habib

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of America Before Columbus

America Before Columbus
Ryann Burton, Bilal Habib, Brenden Madsen
Legend of land of "Fusang" (America)
Stories relate to the discovery of a land similar to the Coast of California
Admiral Zheng He embarked on voyages in the early 1400's.
Books have been written to claim the discovery of America through the Chinese
No proven evidence can support his claim today
African discovery of the Americas
"Black Indians"
Presence of Metal (African resource)
Pre columbian Skeletons with 'negroid' characteristics
Little no no real evidence to prove this claim
European Discovery Before Columbus
Irish priest St. Brendan went on a five year voyage and recorded the journey
In the record, people have claimed that a land that he discovered was indeed, America.
Prince Madoc another European who claimed to discover the New World as well.
Neither claims are well supported
Viking exploration
Potential Norse discovery of the Americas
This is a clear example of pseudoscience or pseudoarchaeology.
Examples prove to be mentally stimulating
Asian, African, Pre Columbus European and Viking discovery of the new world has been claimed with little to no evidence supporting the theories.
Artifacts found in the new world provide numerous examples of claims opinions and hypothesis, but are usually proven wrong or discouraged due to factual evidence of their use from post Columbian discovery.
Fraud Myth or Mystery?
Fraud? No, too much claims and possible stories that could be true just not properly recorded.
Myth? No, Although the claims are not supported through detailed evidence, there are still many valid claims and points made for the opinions of discovery of the New World
Mystery? Yes. Since we have small amounts of claims and evidence but not enough to prove it. This question will remain a mystery for the time being.
Our topic
We all know Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492
"Discovered" the New World
Was he the first to do so?
If not, who was?
What have they left behind?
If there were settlers before Columbus, what did they leave behind?
Is there any real evidence that we can use to support his claim?
Chinese Discovery of the Americas
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