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Alpha Course Small Group Training

Small Groups

matthew Hartman

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Alpha Course Small Group Training

Click anywhere & add an idea Alpha Small Groups six aims discuss model bible study learn to pray together develop friendships learn to minister to one another train others to lead challenging situations the dominant member dont make eye contact sit next to - not across politely interupt "what do the rest of you think?" look directly at and gesture to other guests talk to them privately be affirming the "eager Christian" answer them with, "that's a great question,but
what would have you felt before
you were a Christian?" clarify their language for the other guests talk to them privately ask them to help you draw people out the quiet member talk to them during dinner ask permission to
use their questions
during group affirm... "that's a GREAT question!" the quiet group use an icebreaker
every week don't be afraid of silence don't fill silence
with your with your "great doctrines"! ask if your question made sense avoid questions with right
or wrong answers ask questions that encourage
negative responses the chaotic group remind them, only
one at a time address the question,but
get back on theme be aware of upcoming topics keep the group fun... don't be a stick-in-the-mud the counsel seeker be interested,
but steer back to topic offer to pray with/for them privately direct them
to counseling use the same tools as for the dominant member the group project deflect attention from
the person, to the question affirm their questions
without letting them
get "fixed" by the group talk privately with the "counselors"
and explain the no-pressure
philosophy of Alpha
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