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Yolanda Rico Piñero

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of History

The Gloucester Cathedral was built in 1100.
In 679 this place was a little monastery. In 1089 was the St. Peter's abbey. In 1541 this abbey turned into Gloucester Cathedral.
It was used to the film of Harry Potter, as a location for Doctor who Christmas special and for the serie The Hollow Crown.
The Gloucester Cathedral is 420 metres long
and 140 feet wide, with a tower of 225 metres high.
It has got pillars. The stone
vault of the nave
remplaced the original wooden roof in 1242.
The crypt
: It can be entered from the south. The earliest part of the Cathedral is down here, dating 1087.
The Great East Window
: This window, wich depicts Christ, Mary and numerous apostles, dates from about 1350.
The 14th century cloisters are a major highlight of Gloucester Cathedral.

The Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester cathedral
Organ of Gloucester Cathedral
The Cathedral has got a Cathedral Choir and a Youth Choir. Everyday except Monday they song.
The Cathedral every year takes part in the world famous Three Choirs Festival.
It has got an amazing organ.
Pillars of Gloucester Cathedral

In this cathedral are buried a lot of people:
Robert Curthose
Edward II of England
John Wakeman
James Brooks
Richard Cheyney
John Bullingham
William Nicholson
Martin Benson
Richard Pate
They make the important decisions.As well as the Canons, they are three lay members who bring their experience of other fiels of work to bear on the decision of the chapter.
The clergy is formed by:
-The Dean.
-The Precentor.
-Canon Chancellor
-Archdeacon of Gloucester
-Diocesan Canon
-The Director of the Department of Mission and Ministry.
-Lay Members
-Bernard day
Clergy of Gloucester Cathedral
Burials of Gloucester Cathedral
Marta Rodríguez, Lucía Cayetano, Sandra Benavente

View of the cathedral: Exterior

Marta Rodríguez
Sandra Benavente
Lucía Cayetano
~1: History
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