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Sheriff Woody as a Leader

No description

Barry John

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Sheriff Woody as a Leader

Brief Description
Sheriff Woody
Cares for his followers
Inspires effective followership
Brave and Courageous
Childhood Role Model
Who, What, and Where:
Sheriff Woody Pride is the main protagonist in Disney/Pixar's Toy Story and its sequels.
He is a toy that belongs to a boy named Andy.
He is the leader of the toys in Andy's room
In the first Toy Story installment, Woody struggles with losing Andy's interest to a space toy named Buzz Lightyear.
In the second Toy Story installment, Woody struggles with his own mortality after he starts to rip apart after decades of play. He concerned he will be thrown away as he seems to have outlived his usefulness.
Woody's trials and shaped beliefs in the first two Toy Story installments are vital in the third installment, where he must help Andy's other toys as they struggle with losing Andy's interest and their own mortality.

Woody has been Andy's favorite to since kindergarten. This has enabled Woody to know more about Andy and the family. This experience and knowledge led him to be the choosen patriarch of the toys.
A human leader. Real. Imperfect.
Doubts his abilities
Tries to defend himself
Believes he is being overtaken

A leader acknowledges faults and corrects them.
This makes them more respectable
The leader becomes more experienced
Woody is influential, organized, and positive.
Slinky the dog is influenced by Woody as Woody has shown excellent leadership in the past
Uses his resources to be organized and gathers everyone in an orderly fashion
Though everyone is negative Woody stays positive and hopeful.

Woody is tactical and able to see each team member's strengths
Leverages skills to benefit everyone
The decisions were quick, but the plan was still effective
Woody is not selfish. He recognizes everyone as a team.
Doesn't ask for praise from anyone
Uses "We" not "I"
Woody is compassionate of others and risks his life because of it.
The first thing Woody did was ask what had happened to Wheezy even though he himself was injured
When he notices that there is a yard sale he initiates a protocol that ensures every toy is in the room and safe
He risks his life going into yard sale and being seen animate to save another toy
Woody's drive is "Loyalty and Family". Here we see the loyalty portion
Even when Woody knows that he is a famous figure and well-admired, he still wants to go home to Andy as he is loyal
He is very stern with his vision and every action executed is to accomplish that goal/vision
Woody inspires his followers; his followers in return conduct proper "followership".
Woody has saved them, being grateful, the toys will now save him
Woody is humble, even after being praised. He also demonstrates his team attitude again.
Woody could have easily accepted the praise and let his ego grow, but he chose to stay humble
Woody only focused on the team, his first question was "where's Buzz?". His caring really outshines here.
Human - has doubts and gets angry
Woody isn't a controlling leader.
Allowed group discussion
Woody has appointed Buzz to be second in command
Woody does everything for the good of the team
Woody left his dream of going to college and decided to go with his family
He wrote the street address of a child who would play with the toys (as we see when Andy walks into the yard)
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