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LoliFairy & MysticFairy

No description

Mysti Chan

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of LoliFairy & MysticFairy

The 14, Turning 15 Year Old Boy Who Has Been With Me Through My Elsword Journeys For 3 Years.
The Boy Who Once Gotten A +8 Amulet From Ariel, But Never Again.
Sometimes, Even He Can Be A Little Reckless. Well... Not A Little, More Like A Lot! But When You Need A Reason To Laugh, He's Always There With Jokes Prepared.
He Always Thinks Up Of The Funniest Things And Never Fails To Surprise Me With What He Has In Mind, Even If He Just Came Up With It.
There's Always So Much To Do When I'm With Him, Whether It's Henir Runs, Pvp, Or Just Regular Dungeons.
The One And Only
He Can Make Your Sad Day Into A Day Filled With Happiness And Joy.
"Chicken power!!!" -LoliFairy
"Berthe....... Move Out Of My Way!"
Furthermore, He's An Ara With Extreme Talent And Unique Fashion Styles, Well Not Unique, But It's Pretty And Amazing.
Merry Christmas, Ricky!
Happy Third Year Anniversary Of Our Friendship!
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