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Organic Food vs. Conventionally Grown Food

Which is healthier for you?

Denise Lee

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Organic Food vs. Conventionally Grown Food

It's Simple Math... So now that you know the difference... Would you rather eat something: GO ORGANIC! Organics BENEFITS from organics that directly affect your health: Processed Foods Organic vs. Inorganic WHY TAKE
THE CHANCE?! Which is actually healthier? Unhealthy Food = Shorter Life Packaged or processed foods yield the least amount of nutrients and vitamins necessary for healthy growth and development of your body. Produce Produce or food grown from soil is the healthiest for you because of their abundance in nutrients and vitamins! 1. FREE of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and unnatural chemicals 2. Grown WITHOUT growth hormones that act as steroids to make the crops unnaturally giant and unsustainable in nature On the other hand.... yield many more disadvantages such as: Conventionally Grown Food 1. Exposed to harmful substances that kill insects and have the ability to harm our immune systems 2. Residual chemicals can be present while growing, harvesting, and distributing crops and animals Would you rather eat food grown like THIS: Or like THIS?! Bottom line... Organic food Or genetically modified? Organically grown? nurtured like THIS? Would you rather eat food TORTURED like this? Or food carries LESS RISK of contamination
compared to conventionally
grown food Healthier food = Longer Life Clean water! Roaming space! 4. REDUCED risk of carcinogenic chemicals entering body compared to
conventionally grown crops 5. Strict government regulations that keep all USDA approved food in check
and hygienic 6. Organic animals are fed organic food and clean, hygienic water 7. Organic animals are required to have free roaming space to exercise
as well as fresh air 3. Extra care and maintenance that ensures quality every time 3. Little to no government standards and regulations
for growth of food 4. Animals face claustrophobic and unhygienic conditions 5. Animals are injected with GMOs that make them
grow abnormally FAT and large, making simple actions
like standing or exercise too painful ABUSED ANIMALS Chemicals! Think of conventional foods like this: Gross... And think of organic foods like this: Ahhh...much better! ........It's the healthiest way of life! "What type of produce should I eat?" There is a HUGE differentiation between what TYPE of produce to consume. Here are the two major types: ORGANICS vs. Conventionally Grown You may ask: Nurture your body with organic food!
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