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Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?

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Julian Felipe Vargas Perdomo

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?

Cash for Test Scores
Lots of families have tried it, but does it really work?
For decades, educators have said no. But in this age of high-stakes testing and “
” some researchers are starting to have second thoughts.
Should schools give students cash for good grades?

The Paper Project in Chicago
Every six weeks successful students receive
half of their reward money as a check or bank deposit
the other half is awarded to them upon graduation from high school.

First implemented in 1996, the APIP is an initiative that includes cash incentives up to

for both teachers and students.

Targeted to schools serving predominantly minority and low-income students with the aim of improving college readiness.
The average student earns $800 in reward money per year, a very successful student can earn up to $2,000.

Participating banks that receive the deposits offer to teach kids how to manage their accounts.
“Sure, I know people who probably would have
blown off
their AP exams entirely if there wasn’t that pot of gold on the other side,” Says Jacob Hobbs (Student, 20, California).

“To high school students,
money is a very strong motivator
Should schools give students cash for good grades?

Jane, 19 says: “Yes, schools should offer cash bonuses for good test scores, because that models the working world. In the real world,
people who perform better get paid more
. Often, their effort makes them perform better.
This teaches students to work hard, because they know that there are real, tangible rewards to hard work.”

Laura Catalina Ramirez

Julian Felipe Vargas

Should schools give students cash for good grades?

Elena Voznikuk, I rewarded my son at the end of every trimester. And, of course, he liked it, but again I did have mixed feelings about doing that.
I explained to him that he needs to be a good student not only because he likes to be rewarded, but also for his future education.
I think it's not a bad idea for schools, but the question is if all students will start to get good grades,
where to get money for all of them?.
Should schools give students cash for good grades?

Mandy, 24, Considering how much of a non-fan of school I was, I would have loved getting cash for doing well! I didn't really get rewarded for good grades.
BUT, you can memorize a lot of information and not actually store that in your long-term memory
so a lot of kids could get by with memorization tactics, get the cash, and
not really learn the material and apply it.
What do people say?
What do you say?
Is this possible in Colombia? Why?
Does offering money for good grades make students not to participate at school for the sheer pleasure of learning, but for the promise of external rewards?
Do you think students would try harder, but only because there was an immediate award attached to a grade and they would not learn how to work for no immediate reward?
Are scores the most important thing?
Can you make your way through life by just getting good grades on tests?
What would students/teachers do with the money given?
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