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UAE Presentation

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James Brooks

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of UAE Presentation

The UAE The United Arab Emirates: Introduction UAE: Economy UAE: Political and Legal Conclusion Can be found in Southwest Asia and is bordered by the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf Third largest economy and 14th best country to do business with.
- 2nd highest average salary in the World
- Abu-Dhabi is richest country Government is a Federation
- One constitution made in 1971 -Very intriguing and elaborate country

- Vacation Destination

- Much different then the U.S. in some aspects

- Proper knowledge/research Made up of 7 emirates
- Abu Dhabi (Capital), Ajman, Dubai (Most populated), Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain Population of 8.3 million Subtropical Climate Currency is the Dirham
- $0.2723 exchange rate

1/3 of the citizens buy luxury brands
Unemployment is at 4% No exchange control restrictions
Foreigners that own a business there get 100% profits Mixed Legal System made up of Islamic Law and civil law
- No political parties
- Limit on freedom of expression
- Has made getting rid of corruption main priority Bilateral formal relationship with the United States UAE: Technology At one time had very low technological literacy rate, now it is very high. Very large and up to date infrastructure, biggest project margin in the region They have two major telecommunication operators and each emirate has access to internet UAE: Social and Cultural National Religion is Islam
-Main population is that of Muslims
-Arabic is the nations language
-Muslims pray 5 times a day Most of the population are collectivist
-Family is most important You can however find materialistic people
- Just look at the buildings and items people are buying UAE: Social and Cultural Local business owners want employees to not be proactive
- Do what you're told
- Don't try to move ahead without being directed to Multinational Companies want proactive employees
- Hardworking
- Most qualified UAE: Education, Appearance, Food Education has steadily increased in the last 10 years
- literacy rates from 53.5% to 91%
- Women are able to attend longer Men in the UAE wear a Kandura (ankle length tunic)
Women wear a black abaya (over garment) Common food ate in the UAE would be
- Rice
- Fish
- Lamb
- Pork is prohibited Recommendations - Efficient economy
- Proper technology
- Acceptance of change/new
- Doesn't conflict with culture
- Foreign business owners get 100% profits
- Stable government with bilateral formal relationship with U.S.A. Must address with proper status and name Strongly recommend bringing Smart Car to this market
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