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Urban Planning

STEM career presentation

Grace Mika

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Urban Planning

Urban Planning Planning The Cities of The Future Past Present Salaries,
Specializations Annual Salary Skills Specializations Konza Technology City Chengdu "Great City" Do Urban Planners Work? Are Urban Planners? Who, What, When, where,
How? Economics, geography, or a similar field An Urban Planner is someone who helps to create plans about how land should be used. They design the layout of communities, towns, cities, and metropolitan areas. They need to consider the effects their plans will have on the environment, economy, etc. Urban planners work for the Government, and their offices are in government buildings. Positioned on the Potomac River
Majority of the streets are in grid pattern
Diagonal streets named after the states Central Park Designers: Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture
Project: 2012-2021 (scheduled completion)
3 square kilometers
80,000 residents
15 minutes to walk across
2 minutes walk to park
No personal cars Located outside of Nairobi, Kenya
1st phase of the project began in January 2013
5,000 acres
185,000 residents
New university will teach 1,500 students
Will provide up to 82,000 jobs
Connected to Nairobi international airport by high speed rail In the US Urban Planners make an average of $67,000 annually, which is slightly below the average salary of $73,500 in Northern Virginia. To be successful as an urban planner the following skills are needed: Bachelors Degree Masters Degree (Recommended) Urban or regional planning The Basics Who What Do The Do? How To Become an Urban Planner Where When + Herrity Building Planners have normal working hours, but often have meetings or business trips on the weekend or after hours. Our Nation's Capitol Pierre L'Enfant was one of the main designers of DC Calvert Vaux
Frederick Law Olmsted As the NYC population grew, a peaceful space was needed for people to escape the busy city life
Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted won the design competition with their "Greensward Plan" in 1858
Construction began in 1858 Statistics Compared to other similarly populated urban areas:
48% less energy
58% less water
89% less waste. United States Northern VA Starting:
Experienced: $41,000
$98,000 $48,500
$99,000 Active Listening Must be able to listen attentively to others Must be able to verbally pass on information effectively Speaking Judgement & Decision Making Must be able to consider options and choose the best one Critical Thinking Must be able to use logic to identify pros and cons of different options Focus on preventing damage to the ecosystem and conserving resources Determine transportation issues and needs, and plan the transportation for an area Focus on attracting business, creating jobs, and building housing Try to make buildings and public spaces function and appear the way the public wants Focus on the use of land, and make sure plans comply with codes Environmental Transportation Land Use/
Code Enforcement Economic Urban
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