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Ross cu&skye

feet first by cool rosscu and skye

Bothkennar Primary

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Ross cu&skye

All of the school went to the Falkirk Wheel on our first canal walk. We all went in the tunnel and got to scream. The difference between the two canals is that the Union Canal has no locks and the Forth and Clyde canal has 39 locks. Canal walk
Canal walk 2 We went to Hallglen to go in the Prospect Hill Tunnel. When we went in the tunnel we saw so that it was really dark and so we had to bring a torch so that we could see were we were going. It was about half a mile long it took about twenty minutes to get to the end. We saw a woodn hatch in the ceiling with a chain sticking out of the hatch. In Edinburgh there were two men called Burke and Hare that came from Ireland. They came to Edinburgh to work on the Union Canal in the 1820s.They were infamous for murdering people and sending their bodies to Doctor Knox. Doctor Knox dissected the bodies to show the public how the human body works. In total Burke and Hare killed 16 people.

“Grave robbing”
In the 1820s bodies were in need. Doctors wanted fresh bodies to dissect to lean about the human body. Grave-robbing became popular because it was easy money. Each body would earn them eight to ten pounds. It was illegal to steal the cloth from graves but it wasn’t illegal to steal the body. Grave-robbers would wait around after the funeral. At night they would steal the body and take it to Doctor Knox. Burke and Hare were not grave- robbers because they were not the waiting type.

Burke and Hare were murderers. They would go out and try to be people’s friends. Burke and Hare would not go for the well-known people because you would know that they were missing. They would go for people who were homeless or drifters. They would take their new friend back to 10 Tanners Close lodging house and get them drunk. Burke and Hare wouldn’t get drunk easily because they were big and strong. Their victims were skinny because they had no food to eat that day. Burke and Hare would suffocate them by putting their fingers up their nose and their thumb under their jaw. They would take the body to Doctor Knox’s assistant and they would get eight to ten pounds.

Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson knows as [Daft Jamie] was well known.Everyone like Jamie. He would go around at night and tell people jokes and people would give him food. Burke and Hare befriend Jamie and took him to Knox. When Jamie had been dissected then they put him on the table. They cut off his face so people wouldn’t recognise him.

Mary Paterson was well known. Everyone like Mary. Mary Paterson was a party girl. A group of children saw Burke and Hare carrying a body. The children said “They’re carrying a corpse!” Mary was very beautiful and had red hair. Burke and Hare took the body to Doctor Knox’s assistant. Burke was order to cut off Mary Paterson’s hair. At her dissection some student drew her. When they took the body to Doctor Knox it was still warm. People grew suspicious of her death and went to the police. Burke’s trial was on the Wednesday twenty-forth of December, 1828.When they were all arrested Hare and the wives turned in “King’s Evidence” for immunity. Burke was held in Calton Gaol and then got sentenced to death. Burke was hanged on the twenty-eight of January 1829. On the day of the hanging 25,000 people came to watch the hanging. 30,000 people came to see Burke dissection. Doctor Alexander Monroe was the doctor that dissected Burke’s body. Burke’s skin was cut into little pieces and people would buy it. You can still see Burke’s skin today.
Canal walk 3 canal walk 4 We went to the Falkirk Wheel and planted hawthorn trees.People call this tree a fairie.It was also common practice to attach spriggs of hawthorn to the cradless of newborn babies to protect against illness and evil spirits.
For our third canal walk we went to Carron Sea Lock. We played a game called canalphbet snoop. How to play the game. You have to go around and look at stuff that begins with the letter A. We all went to Carron Sea Lock. We were all stood next to the kelpes. The kelpes were made by Andy Scott. Some of us got to work the lock it was fun to see the water going up and down. canal walk 5 On canal walk 5 we went in the woods.Then we tied ropes to a tree then we put pictures over are necks.Then we made memory sticks. canal walk 6 On canal walk 6 we went to the Falkirk Wheel. We saw Alan there then we went for a walk to the Antonine wall. Alan told us all about the wall. we also went to Rough castle fort. We all got to go and the falkirk wheel it was fun and they told you a lot of facts about how many bolts are on the Falkirk Wheel. Then we went to the Iru Bru play park there was a big shoot it went round a couple of times. 1 The canal walks was on for about three months but sadly is come to a end. I would like to do it again sometime. The end of canal walks Burke and Hare report
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