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Estimating Mobile App Development Costs

No description

Tania Jacob

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Estimating Mobile App Development Costs

Type of App
Simple App - $5k-15k
Small utility apps (eg: calculator)
Store locator / brand extension apps
Simple reference apps
Estimating Mobile App Development Costs
Mobile App Development Costs

Professional and Legal Text, Trademark/Copyright
Graphic Design
UI Designer - $20-$80 / hour
Server Side Developer - $30-$100 / hour
Technical - Code Development, Testing, Security
User Training and Support
Apple Membership and Other Fees
Type of App
Graphic Design
Professional / Legal Text, Trademark /Copyright
Measure user acquisition and engagement
Cloud-based hosting
Apple Membership and Other Fees
Blogs, Sites, Publications
User Training and Support
User Guide
Apple Developer Program - US$99/year
GST (Australian sales)
Apple take 30% of sale price and in-app purchases
Social Media
App Website
Cost-per-click Advertising
Offline Promotion
RSS Sponsorship
Graphics Artist - $20-$60 / hour
UX Designer - $20-$80 / hour
Quality Assurance / Testing and Security - $20-$80 / hour
Mobile App Programmer - $30-$100 / hour
Web Developer - $20-$80 / hour
Offshore Development?
Scalability, no wasted capacity
No in-house maintenance of infrastructure required
Reduced up-front costs
Trademark registration fee - $300 ongoing
Initial search fee - $100
Business registration fee - $30 / year
Run content experiments
Complex App - $20k-$80k
Dynamic updating of app content via services
Cloud database to share synchronise information between devices
Integration with 3rd-party services (eg: Facebook, financial data, weather services, ...)
Custom user controls or complex dynamic graphics and animation
In-app purchases, subscriptions or push notifications
Top-shelf App - $100k-$200k
Type of App
What operating systems / devices / browsers will be supported?
Number of screens
Complexity of screens and interactions
Outsourcing Support Functions as Userbase grows
Support / Helpdesk System Operator - $20 - $30 / hour
Technical Writer - $20 - $50 / hour
Free until a profit is made
$? per page visit
$? per month
$? per outgoing GB
Advertising Executive - $30 - $45 / hour
Marketing Manager - $50 - $70 / hour
Private Practice Legal Professional - $30 - $180 / hour
Data / Market Analyst - $30 - $80 / hour
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