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No description

Marina Goocher

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Hero

Katniss's Journey in the Hunger Games
Stage 4
Meeting the Mentor
Stage 5
The glass tube that enters her into the game
Stage 1
Ordinary World
District 12
Stage 2
for the Game
He gave her a friend (him), confidence, and a magical gift (he put her mocking jay pin on her coat).
He gave her advice and training to help her survive/win the game she was going to enter.
It was in the form of an action when she volunteered to take the place of her sister.
in the Hero's Journey
Each year, 1 girl & 1 boy from each district have to participate in the game & all but 1 will die.
District 12 is her home that she must leave to participate in the game.
Drive= Win game so she can return back to sister
Urges= Save sister
The Call to Adventure
Sina & Haymitch
Stage 3
Refusal of
the Call
Crossing the Threshold
Stage 6
Test, Allies, Enemies
In Game
Rue, and Peter
Stage 7
Approach to the Inmost Cave
Entering Game
Stage 8
The Ordeal
Stage 9
Stage 10
Stage 11
Stage 12
The Road Back
The Resurrection
Return with the Elixir
The Hero
The Mentor
The Threshold Guardian
The Herald
The Shapeshifter
The Shadow
The Trickster
Sacrifice self for sister
Learns journey changes people, but she will not be changed & learn- how to survive in game
Sina & Haymitch
Game Producer/ Composer
Facing the tracker jackers' sting in the game
after 3 days with Rues help
Rue saves her from dieing from the stings
Gains friend/allie (Rue) & knowledge of the fallen, when she was asleep for a couple of days
Rule change in game- there can be 2 victors if from same district (Cross Path Lovers)
Force/motivation to find & help Peter, get sponsors, and having a partner, can be an advantage to win
= 1 victor not 2
reborn/transformed = game stopped
Game producers not happy (very serious actions)
Heroic Status
= won, changed game & gave hope to people
Get her way (2 victors live) and win
To live & return home rich
She gives people hope
Gets rich for winning
Sina- motivation & confidence- "If I could bet on anyone, I would bet on you"
- magical gift= her mocking jay pin on her coat
Haymitch- insight & training- "Get people to like you" & the cornucopia is a blood bath
- former winner of a game
= survival
game producer puts lots of tricks in game to test them (fire & 3 headed dog)
warns her about game she will enter & helps her strategize
appears before entering game
changes game (day to night, fire, 3 headed dog)
-Other tributes in game
-game producer
Leads to journey's heart = the game
= long (50 second) count down
-"turn me into something I am not"
-piece of game
- not all bad people (Sina)
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