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Aunty Misery

No description

Sandra Lopez

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Aunty Misery

This story is about an old lady named Aunty Misery. She had a pear tree which caused the kids from the neighborhood to climb the tree and steal her pears. Aunty Misery didn't like that, and she would always get mad.
Well many of our parents have fruit trees and they don't like it when people come by and take fruit from the tree.
By :
How Does This Relates To Us ?
How Does It Relate To You?
The conflict of the story is that Aunty Misery didn't like it when the neighborhood kids would climb the pear tree and get the fruit.
For her that tree was so special because she planted it and took care of it since it dropped its first petal.
Aunty Misery
The solution in this story is that Aunty Misery
was home and this guy passed by and knock at her door saying that if she would let him come in for in exchange of a wish.
Aunty Misery said yes and her wish was
for the kids that climb her tree to never climb back down with out her permission. Her wish was
The setting in this story takes place at Aunty Misery's house.
The characters in the story are .....
- Aunty Misery
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