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Arnold Schwarzenegger

No description

j s

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold was born on July 30, 1947 in Graz, Austria. When he was younger his family was really poor and the most remembered thing in his childhood was when his family bought a refrigerator at age 15. Came to the united states to become a body builder and an actor. Won the Mr. Olympian 7 times. moved to the united states in 1968 at age 21. By Jason Schmit Stared in over 20 movies Had and older brother named Meinhard but he died in a car accident in 1971. After bodybuilding he became an actor. When he was done being an actor he went to be the governor of lifornia. He became the governor of California on October 7, 2003. Was in the Austrian army when he lived in Austria at 18in 1965. He lives in an 11,000 square foot house in brentwood. By Jason Schmit He is best Known for body building. he is 63 years old right at the momment. When reelected he got 4,850,157 votes. He filmed pumping iron in 1977. While being a body builder he took steroids. He has four childeren. Married to Maria Schriver. Now he is really big into recycling and helping to keep the earth clean. Best known for role in the terminator. Owns a humvee and takes his family on rides often.
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