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Rohit Nair and Jackson Shembekar

No description

lib hist

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Rohit Nair and Jackson Shembekar

Rohit Nair and Jackson Shembekar
Vernon Baker
He was in charge of a big weapon platoon made of two light machine gun squads and two mortar squads. He also kiled two Germans sentries one night when he was on night patrol and killed two observation scopers.
Sammy L. Davis
Sammy Davis was flown to Cai Lay to set up a forward base for the infantry men. Without warning, Vietcong soldiers attcked Davis and his man. He started to provide cover fire for his men only to be shot in the back. Though severely wounded, he paddled across the river to save 3 injured comrades.
Charles G. Abrell
He was the leader of a fire team, a force fighting against the Korean army. He deliberately rushed out into intense fire and got shot several times. Although wounded, he staggered on until he reached an enemy bunker. He whipped out a grenade, pulled the pin, and jumped into the bunker.
Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest and rarest military badge. It was first signed into law by president Abraham Lincoln on July 12, 1862. It was originaly meant for Navy personel. Later, it became the rarest medal for all military branches.
The Medal of Honor recipients all showed immense bravery and courage by voluntarily participating in these various wars. All of these soldiers are honorable Americans because of the amounts of sacrifice that they have given up for their country.
Honor means high respect or esteem.
Charles Abrell- leading a team against the Korean Army
Vernon Baker- shot and killed two German observation scopers
Sammy Davis- 42 Americans Vs. 1500 Vietcong soldiers. 12 Americans left standing
Courage means the ability to do something that frightens one
Charles Abrell- ran into assult fire power
Vernon Baker- Not being afraid and taking part in the battle
Sammy Davis- his unit had 100 percent hit rate, yet he battled and lived
Patriotism means love and devotion to one's country
All of the soldiers showed patriotism by volunteering and fighting in the U.S. military. One soldier even gave his life.
Valor means courage in the face of danger.
Charles Abrell- running through a barrage of assult fire.
Vernon Baker- manning his own weapons platoon while being shot at by the German
Sammy Davis- in feeble conditions, hurt legs & broken back, still saves 3 injured comrades
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