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My Game Changer

No description

jesa sokol

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of My Game Changer

Jesa Sokol
My Game Changer
As witnessed in my observations, I d come upon a few similar characteristics that each teacher held with them.

-Love for their students
-Compassion for the Job
-The want to Inspire
What I aspire to be...
A teacher who had inspired me since 7th grade, Mr Dunback. He was one teacher I observed and it was such an enlightening experience to see the immediate impact he makes on his students and how easy he enthuses them about History. They were easily involved in discussion. He had made me realize that a great teacher will allow students to broaden horizons and expand imagination in the classroom and they will become more involved.
What makes a great teacher...
My biggest concern while in my observation was to witness what a teacher can do to inspire the act of learning to their students. How can you make kids WANT to learn?

Be enthused in the subject yourself. Personalize the subject to each student.
Teaching is an art. Students wont learn unless you are creative with the planning. If you can enjoy the lesson WITH the students and incorporate visual additions to the lesson plan for those who are more of the visual learner. Give real life examples to relate to the kids. One that I observed was "To Kill A Mockingbird", the teacher made it personal so the students could get a better grasp on it.
What I learned...
Becoming the Inspiration...
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