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Characters as Symbols: How to Kill a Mockingbird

No description

Julia Michalsky

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Characters as Symbols: How to Kill a Mockingbird

Characters as Symbols How to Kill a Mockingbird Miss Maudie I chose an azalea as Miss Maudie's symbol. This is important to the story because Miss Maudie did nothing but work in her flower beds outside. She always thought that time spent indoors was time wasted. She enjoyed the company of Jem and Scout, as long as they kept out of her azaleas. Dill I chose a roll of film as Dill's symbol because it represents Dill's love for picture shows. When Jem and Scout first met Dill, Dill told them about the beauty of picture shows. From Tarzan, to Tom Swift, to Dracula, Dill guaranteed that the shows are way better than the books. Jem I chose a pocket watch as Jem's symbol because in the story, Jem would always look forward to the day Atticus would let him carry his Grandfather's pocket watch. Jem treasured this item with his life and "walked on eggshells", to make sure not to damage it in anyway. Scout I chose a question mark as Scout's symbol because Scout is inquisitive. She's constantly wondering about everybody and everything. She's not scared to ask questions or make comments about things that interest her and doesn't care what people think when she does. Bob Ewell I chose alcohol as Bob Ewell's symbol because Bob is a troubled drinker. Bob doesn't care about his son Burris because he is always ''right contentious", as well, he has no wife to look after him or Burris. Calpurnia I chose a heart as Calpurnia's symbol because she is the heart of the Finch's home. When the children's mother passed away, she replaced that mother figure that they needed and looked after them. Cal taught Scout how to write, and showed both of them how to properly mind their manners. She is basically the foundation of their lives. Boo Radley I chose a ghost as Boo Radley's symbol because in the story, the Radley house is said to be haunted. Boo Radley never comes out of his house. Most people think he is dead... but, can't help believe in his existence, like a ghost. Alexandra I chose a dress as Alexandra's symbol because Alexandra, Scout's Aunt, was always fanatical about how Scout dressed. She would tell Scout that she would never hope to be a lady if she didn't wear a dress. Scout never agreed and said she could be just as ladylike in breeches Mr Nathan Radley I chose a shotgun as Mr. Nathan Radley's symbol because in the novel, Jem, Scout and Dill attempted to sneak into the Radley's backyard, only to be greeted by Mr. N. Radley's shotgun. He used his shotgun to scare away the supposed "Negros" walking on his property. Atticus I chose a book as Atticus' symbol because Atticus would do nothing but read books. All the other fathers in town could do something like fish, hunt or play football. But, Atticus always sat in his chair and read. He did not hesitate to encourage Scout to read with him everyday and night. Mrs. Dubose I chose a camellia as Mrs. Dubose's symbol because Mrs. Dubose's yard is lined with camellias. Jem ruined her camellia's in anger and was punished to read to her everyday for a month. Mrs. Dubose died shortly after his punishment was over and gave him a camellia as a final thanks for his readings. The End!!!! Thanks for Watching!
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