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Canned Food Drive

No description

Abby Moser

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Canned Food Drive

Step 1
A note was sent home in Tuesday envelopes to parents. The canned food drive kicked off today, December 2nd and will go until December 13th.
Step 4
On December 13 final totals will be given to teachers regarding their class counts. December 17 and 18 teachers that have volunteered will be sorting canned foods. If you would like to volunteer please let Mrs. Lane know ASAP. We will be sending home the canned goods with the families on December 19th.
Please make sure you reward your class if they reach their goal before we leave for winter break.
Armstrong Elementary will be holding a canned food drive. This year we have chosen to give back to the Armstrong families in need and the local food bank. Lets try to focus on others this holiday season and collect lots of cans.
The challenge is up to you. Can you meet your goal?

Armstrong Canned Food Drive
Step 2
We present you with a challenge! With input from your class, set a reachable goal on the number of cans you hope to collect as a class. As well as setting a goal, you need to come up with an incentive. If your class reaches their goal, then it will be your job to reward your class with your chosen incentive... So keep this in mind when choosing. BE CREATIVE!! For example, Mrs. Moser's class set a goal of 150 cans and her class chose to have a popcorn and movie afternoon if they meet their goal. It is her responsibility to make all this happen. (Ideas may include pajama party, pizza party, movie and popcorn, extra recess, popsicles, art time or free time. Teachers are responsible for funding the party if you choose something that incurs a cost.)
Step 3
Encourage students to bring in non perishable food items daily. Line cans up outside in the hall. Examples: canned foods, boxed dinners, prepackaged snacks, boxed juice, ramen noodles, pringles, etc. NEHS students will be doing multiple class counts and will notify the teachers of their most updated amount. You may choose to keep a graph to record progress towards your goal.
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