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season of renewal

2012 plan

Philip Carr-Jones

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of season of renewal

A Season of Renewal The purpose of this renewal time is to reenergize our spirituality through a common focus on Beauty. For Philip, this journey is built on the hope of a renewed appreciation for the larger idea of Beauty. For our parish, the pathway toward deepening our appreciation of Beauty and further creative actions will be accomplished through events and retreats focused on the holiness and beauty in and of the Body of Christ. The need:
the constant trait of our common life has been high energy and creativity.
There is a cost to sustaining this level, and we all need to attend to some self-care and renewal time Extended time away to Germany, Greece, and Japan engage in specific areas of study, exploration and reflection. Philip begins his journey through local visits to The Cloisters (the branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of Medieval Europe), the New York Botanical Gardens, the Ancient Civilization sections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Summer 2012

Leave taking will be a two week process bookended by the homecoming in October.

Rev. John Rollins has accepted the role of Priest-in-Charge for Sunday worship. An initial all-parish meeting on the first Sunday back
(Mid-October 2012)

A single service will include a morning of planned sharing and group discussion.

The all-parish meeting will include psresentation by Philip and followed by a summary presentation from the parish’s perspective 3 guided daytrip events which may include
Rev. Dr. Edward Murphy leading bus trip to NYC museums
New Hope Barge journey for community time
Ruth Teijin Councell at Trinity Cathedral The retreat weekend will offer an intergenerational, all-parish experience intended to solidify and summarize this special time of renewal and awakening. 3 additional weekend presentations, such as
Trinity- a scultpure project for Garden
as well as Sunday sermons which will offer outside scholarship and insights on Beauty and Creativity as a hallmark of our spiritual community. Book Study: Spirit and Beauty: Theological Aesthetics, by Patrick Sherry, and Dialogues of Plato, especially, The Symposium Book Study: The Mission of Beauty, Carleton Sprague A second gathering at a parish dinner with the Vestry, Philip, the Priest-in-Charge and any interested members of the parish, where Philip will further discuss his time away and hear from individuals in the parish.

Reflections on the all-parish meeting will be discussed along with further sharing of experiences from the leadership and Philip. Renewal time as a parish experience will focus on Beauty as expressed in our mission - allowing for the time to reflect upon our activities and consider the meaning beneath the actions. Growing from
Good to Great Non-vestry member Janice Miller was convinced of its value and began weekly meetings with Vestry members and the Rector throughout 2010, making interim reports.
Six or seven developing proposals were circulated.
The vestry retreat of 2011 focused on the renewal process and a sub-group volunteered to work with previous volunteers to finalize the work. A bit of history . . . October of 2009 a vestrymember found the Lilly Website offering grants for clergy renewal programs

The Vestry decided to further investigate.

The very process of grant writing was promised to be transformational for the whole community.

A church in Toms River who won a grant was contacted and shared their experience. The Vestry decided that the process of creating a renewal plan was important whether or not the grant was awarded. Plan to enroll every member
of the community for 2012
begins with this all parish meeting. Various committees and leaders of the community have become integrated into the renewal process and planning. What is the purpose of the Lilly Endowment? The name for the program
highlights their purpose:
They ask that the rector and parish
answer this fundamental question Beauty is the guiding spirituality of this season of renewal to be practiced through mutual disciplines of study, reflection, travel, and prayer. Beauty Jesus Anointed at Bethany (Matthew 26)
Now when Jesus was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came up to him with an alabaster flask of very expensive ointment, and she poured it on his head as he reclined at table. And when the disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, "Why this waste? For this could have been sold for a large sum and given to the poor." But Jesus, aware of this, said to them, "Why do you trouble the woman? For she has done a beautiful thing to me. For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me. In pouring this ointment on my body, she has done it to prepare me for burial. Truly, I say to you, wherever this gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her." A beautiful thing Beauty: Jesus does not say she did a good thing,
nor the right thing, nor the just thing.
He says she did a beautiful thing.

And he says she will be remembered for this-
a praise he offers to no one else in the Gospels.

She has done a beautiful thing. We at Holy Spirit do a lot of good, a lot of justice, a lot of the right things, and we also create beauty. In our worship, and community gatherings, in our concerts, in 200 shawls, in thousands of home cooked meals for the homeless, in lessons taught, in visits to the sick and imprisioned . . . Beauty is us. It is a central character of our common life Process and Dates Concurrent Spiritual Disciplines Goals and Outcomes A-4 Pastor’s statement of intended benefits for the Pastor and the Congregation

The benefit of a planned, gentle, and purposeful renewal is primarily the time to just be. Time to celebrate life: time to read, time to pray, time to learn, time to love and be loved, time to think, time to be quiet. Time to reconnect with the Beauty I have experienced in my life. The parish community will spend this time deepening its spiritual life, enriching its prayer life and solidifying its community life. As a congregation we might elevate Beauty as the cause and the destination for much of what we can do in the future. We as a parish are ready for deeper formation and learning, a more mature embrace of the Christian faith, and a willingness to articulate that faith in our daily lives. exerpt from Grant Application:

There is a mutual desire in our community to re-engage the idea and expression of Beauty in our spiritual life and our missional identity. Beauty can become a personal, relational, moral, and community identity.

Beauty is the crucified and risen Christ who resides in our souls and bodies;

Beauty that includes some very hard truths;

Beauty that claims the call for justice; Our renewal process will culminate in a guided off-site renewal weekend Munich: home of Lambert Glass Company which represents a concrete connection between the past creative actions of Philip with our Church. Lambert’s Glass has invited Philip to visit and learn about their creative process. The Carr-Jones’ will then spend time in Greece for reflection, study, and exploration. The home of aesthetic philosophy, Greece represents an historical context of Beauty, where much of Christianity is rooted. The travel concludes via Kyoto, which, like Munich, offers a connection to the long-term pastorate, through encounters of formal gardens that were the inspiration for our Church’s architecture as well as landscape and liturgical furniture. During time away, communications will entail blogging and dialogues between parishioners and priest on the parish website and/or Facebook. Enrolling Activities April 2011: All Parish Meetings June 2011:Interview Training
July - August 2011:
A dialogue with every member May 2011: Formal Proposal Submission
Additional all parish meetings Fall 2011: Feedback from Lilly Foundation
Financial Support Non-Financial Vestry meets to rescale plan for renewal January 2012: Vestry retreat focusing on
interviews and renewal plan All parish meeting to review modified renewal program for 2012 Weekend trips planned from August through September

Philip and Jan's travel occurs
concurrently Oct. 5,6,All parish retreat At Crossroads Retreat Center
Port Murray, NJ Sythensizing
Activities Next steps will be shared

developing a new missional priority statement
renewed goals and activities based on what we have collectively learned and experienced.

pastoral letter will follow describing the outcomes of the renewal experience followed by blog/dialogue

Beauty that demands unfathomable charity for all and in all;

Beauty that demands a search for all that is true and noble, excellent and admirable following the example of Christ;

Beauty that is found in a single life-long relationship. Diads

Facing each other one on one
ask the two questions below

Do not talk over your interviewee

Simply ask,listen,
and remember.

After you interview each other, please introduce the other person to the whole table. What is your earliest memory of beauty?

What at CHS has been a thing of beauty to you? Jesus said,
"She has done a beautiful thing.
What she has done will also be told in memory of her.
Go and do likewise." Deacon Byrer will oversee pastoral concerns.

Both positions are budgeted for in the grant application along with the principle activities of the parish and Philip's time away.
Vestry and Rector will attend a guided retreat, with an external facilitator, to solidifying the cycle of renewal and applying what we have learned.

At the Parish Annual Meeting in Jan., 2013, we will report on the work done to date and respond to Vestry plans and goals for the coming years. Let us begin our renewal even now by gathering in small groups,
to share one on one our own
stories of beauty.
One on One Dialogues A Question of Beauty In addition, long-term pastorates have personal costs quite apart from community history and thematic constructs. Our Rector and his wife are due for time together, apart from the defining boundaries of Church.

Our goal is to give Philip time to re-ignite his energy, creativity, and passion. The heart of his renewal time will include approximately 50 days of travel with his wife, Janmarie, to Germany, Greece, and Japan
I know from past experience that time apart is not necessarily rest or refreshment; but time applied gently in a common direction builds community, refreshes us, and offers opportunity for renewal.
This is why I have selected three specific destinations for lengthy travel time. Beauty can be a sacred principal seen and practiced in the everyday: meetings, committees, gatherings, worship and prayers of a peculiar People of God in a particular time and place. Self-Care:
Our Deacon is modeling this for us by her renewal time
this Autumn, 2011

Time apart from a full schedule of outreach will be a challenge not only for those of us relying upon her leadership but also for her -
finding a different pulse . . .
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