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Ashley M. Graves


Ashley Graves

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Ashley M. Graves

Resume Miss Graves High School Mathematics Teacher Objective Vinton County High School Education Classroom Experience Related Experiences Coaching Experience Other Experiences Computer Skills Volleyball Activities Scholarship Honors Class of 2008 Co-Valedictorian McArthur, Ohio Rio Grande, Ohio Spring 2012
Bachelor of Science - Mathematics Degree
Psychology Minor Fall 2012
Bachelor of Science - AYA Mathematics Education Degree Tutoring Vinton County High School
Meigs Elementary School
Southeastern High School
Wellston High School
Jackson High School University of Rio Grande Math Lab Volunteer Tutor Vinton County High School Volunteer Tutor 2009 - 2010 Vinton County Junior Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach 2010 Vinton County Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach 2010 - 2011 Vinton County Varsity Assistant Girls' Basketball Coach 2012 Vinton County Varsity Assistant Volleyball Coach 2011 Vinton County Varsity Assistant Volleyball Coach To obtain a high school mathematics teaching position and become an effective and inspiring teacher within my classroom 4-H Advisor 2012 Hay Shakers 4-H Advisor
2013 Hay Shakers 4-H Advisor iPad Document Camera MiniTab Cum Laude Softball Horseback Riding Reading Spending time with family Coaching Substitute Teaching Experience Jackson High School
Vinton County Local Schools
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