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Guillaume Bude

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anna mcgillivray

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Guillaume Bude

Guillaume Bude
What motivated the citizens to seek change?
The people wanted to learn and understand their lessons in better ways. Bude questioned commentators and was
acknowledged by many universities.Various
universities changed their educational programs regarding law to follow Bude's idea of applying
ideas from classical works to issues of the current time.
What motivated the people in authority to limit change?
Nobody in authority was motivated to limit the changes Guillaume Bude was making to the educational system because his ideas were very agreeable at the time, considering the outdated ideas in the educational programs regarding law.
Who was Guillaume Bude?

What key elements of humanism were proposed by this thinker?
Guillaume Bude believed that law-enforcing people and lawyers should study the original Latin texts instead of the interpretations made by others whose ideas and translations may not be genuinely accurate in the material and information delivered. He did not believe that the rewritten material could be entirely trustworthy to learn from, and that it was better to look through and examine the originals.
Guillaume Bude was a French philosopher and scholar born in 1467. He was in charge of the King's Library of the time, filling it with timeworn manuscripts and works of many scholars that supported humanism at the time. His abilities were recognized by many people across France including Louis XII, the king of France during that time. Bude later became Louis XII's secretary, but afterwards became royal secretary to Francois I, Louis XII's son in law. Guillaume often wrote letters to other philosophers such as Erasmus, Thomas More and other well known people. Bude had a deep understanding of the classical works and was very familiar and interested in philosophy, theology, law, medicine, and many other fields.
What motivated this thinker to challenge long held beliefs?
French law was based on very early Roman law that went back all the way to the 6th century. Legal decisions were often based off of the interpretations of medieval commentators, but Bude did not trust the translations.
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