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No description

Alyssa Davis

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet

By Alyssa Davis


If something in life gets hard, try harder.
You will get better at it. Brian tries making a bow and arrow, and fails the first time. Then, he tries again and succeeds.
"He put an arrow to the string, pulled it back to his cheek, pointed it at a dirt hummock, and at that precise instant the bow wood exploded in his hands sending splinters and chips of wood into his face."

Even if you don't have much, you can still do amazing things.

If you don't have much supplies or food, in Brian's case, you can still use what you do have to help.
When Brian lays out everything he has on him, and remembers what Perpich said and looked at everything he had.
"No, wait-if he was going to play the game, might as well play it right. Perpich would have told him to quit messing around. Get motivated. Look at all of it, Robeson."

At the beginning, Brian thought every thing good that happened to him was good luck. He didn't really care about most things,(
the secret
is one of the things that he did care about) like, the pilot's name. But, at the end,
Brian believes
that he can do amazing things,
doesn't give up
when it gets hard, and he cares about things he thought were unimportant before.
"Brian had gained immensely in his ability to observe what was happening and react to it; that would last him all his life. He had become more thoughtful as well, and from that time on he would think slowly about something before speaking."

Brian was slightly heavy with extra weight above the belt. After Brian's experience in the wilderness,

"he lost 17% of his body weight"
"had virtually no body fat"
. Brian also was
tanned and his skin was like leather from the fire. His hair was matted and shaggy.
Brian is
of some animals, like the bear. If Brian wasn't in the story, then the story would be about a different person in a different situation.

Perpich is
. If Perpich wasn't in the story, then Brian wouldn't remember to look at everything he had instead of only what he thinks is useful.

Dad is
of what Brian's mother had done. If Dad wasn't in the story, then Brian wouldn't of flown to Canada and he would not have been stuck in the wilderness.

Mom is
about the blond man and the kiss. If Mom wasn't in the story, then there would be no secret, Brian wouldn't be going to Canada on visitation rights, and he would not have been in the wilderness.
The Hatchet

is a symbol because, Brian needs the hatchet to
"He made the nest ready again, held the hatchet backward, tensed, and struck four quick blows."
It was also the
only weapon
he had at first, he thought the hatchet was the

only useful thing
he had after the plane had crashed. Then, he used it to get in the plane for the survival pack.
"The hatchet cut through the aluminum as if it were soft cheese. He couldn't believe it."

The Fire

Brian considers the

as a
"I have a friend, he thought-I have a friend now. A hungry friend but, a good one."
The fire also meant
"He went to the trees and brought in as many dead limbs as he could chop off and carry, and when he had a large pile of them he sat near the fire-though it was getting into the warm part of the day and he was hot-and he broke them into small pieces and fed the fire."
Don't give up.
The setting is in the
Canadian wilderness
in the
. Summer is when Brian has
visitation rights
with his father in the
Canadian oil fields.
Brian is in the wilderness because the
bush plane
he was riding in "lost" its pilot and ran out of gas, so he
crash landed
in the middle of nowhere. If the setting wasn't the Canadian wilderness, Brian wouldn't be in this situation.
The conflict is that
Brian Robeson
gets caught in a bush plane crash in the
middle of nowhere.
He is
in the wilderness with
only himself, a hatchet, and the things he has on him.
Brian flew the plane until the
gas ran out
. If Brian wasn't in a bush plane and wasn't running out of gas, then
Brian wouldn't be in the Canadian wilderness
encounters a tornado
. This event is important because, Brian
gets hurt badly in his ribs, is unable to do some things( like hunt a fool bird or fish)
, and the tail of the plane is sticking out of the water.
Brian tries to get the
survival pack
out of the plane. If the tail of the plane wasn't sticking out of the water, then Brian
wouldn't even be thinking about the pack or getting a chance at seeing it.
The climax is when Brian finds the survival pack. It is the turning point because, he finds the
emergency transmitter,
food, a sleeping bag, mattress, rifle, etc.
The resolution is when Brian turns the emergency transmitter on and a nearby pilot finds him and rescues him. "The pilot that landed so suddenly in the lake was a fur buyer mapping Cree trapping camps for future buying runs-drawn by Brian when he unwittingly turned on the emergency transmitter and left it going."
-to absorb everything. "It was a small plane,

a Cessna 406-a bush plane-and the engine was so loud, so roaring and
and loud, it ruined any chance for conversation."
-to be thankful or appreciative. "But the pilot had put his headset back on and the
was lost in the engine noise and things went back to Brian looking out the window at the ocean of trees and lakes."
-muscular contraction. "He stopped as a fresh
of pain hit him."
-used for finding distance above sea level. "Down beneath that were dials with lines that seemed to indicate what the wings were doing, tipping or moving, and one dial with a needle pointing to the number 70, which he thought-only thought-might be the

Significant Quotes
Figurative Language/ Imagery

"I wish you were here,Terry, he thought, with a gun and a knife and some matches."
Brian is remembering himself and Terry playing survival. He also remembers what they decided would be the best shelter.

"He had gone up on the ridge and taken the hatchet and tried to end it by cutting himself."
Brian tries to end his life by cutting himself with the hatchet. He doesn't want to live in the wilderness alone anymore, gets depressed, and tries to end it all.

"But the way he learned it almost killed him."
A skunk sprayed Brian and blinded him for 2 hours. He is disabled for a while and cannot do anything that has to do with seeing.

"He turned and sat on the bank with his legs in the water and pulled the bag ashore and began the long drag-he couldn't lift it-back down the shoreline to his shelter."

Brian had found the survival pack. He found the source of his wonderful feast and rescuing.

The radio quit working while Brian was talking to someone.
This conflict is an example of Person vs. Technology. Brian could have been saved then but, the radio stopped working.

Brian gets bitten up by mosquitoes.
This conflict is an example of Person vs. Nature. When Brian gets bitten up,his face is extremely swollen.

Brian gets porcupine quills in his legs.
This is another example of Person vs. Nature. He goes through extreme pain trying to get the quills out of his legs.

Brian cuts himself with the hatchet.
This is an example of Person vs. Self. Brian is very depressed and wants to end his life.

Brian gets hurt badly in his ribs during the tornado.

This conflict is an example of Person vs. Supernatural. Brian is unable to do some things( like, running, for example)that he used to do easily when he was not hurt in his ribs.
"But the pilot put his headset back on and the
gratitude was lost
in the engine noise and things went back to Brian looking out the window at the ocean of trees and lakes." That was an example of a
It means that the pilot did not get to hear Brian say thank you over the engine noise.
"Two years before he and Terry had been fooling around down near the park,
where the city seemed to end and the trees grew thick and came down to the small river that went through the park. It was thick there and seemed kind of wild,
and they had been joking and making things up and they pretended that they were lost in the woods and talked in the afternoon about what they would do." This is an example of

"It was all black fur and huge.
He had seen one in the zoo in the city once,
a black bear
, but it had been from India or some where.
This one was wild, and much bigger than the one in the zoo
and it was right there." This is another example of

"He was completely blind for almost two hours.
A lifetime."
This is an example of a
. It means it was a long time for Brian.
Hatchet Trailer
Gary Paulsen
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