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Copy of Medical Clinic Orientation

No description

Nancy Stueland-Adamski

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Medical Clinic Orientation

What we do
School Policy
What do we do

Feeling Sad / Homesick


Dental Pain


Medical Clinic Orientation

Who we are

Our Team
Your medical information will be kept
Unless a written consent is signed

What to do when you are feeling sick

Sick while in school

See nurse in the medical clinic and you will receive a telephone consultation with an experienced physician when necessary.

How to avoid paying deductible for medical treatment
What are not covered by your medical insurance
Do not take antibiotics brought from home
Columbia International College Medical Care System
Canadian Medical Care System
School policy on authorized sick absences
What does School Clinic do / not do
Authorization for sick absences
Feeling Sick / unwell
Insurance claims
According to the severity of an illness
documented on a CIC Student Health Certificate by a medical doctor

According to the illness documented in student tracker by school medical clinic

The Principal, Mr. Rambarran has the final authorization on all questionable sick notes and continuous extended absence

School Policy on Sick Absence

See houseparents / hallmasters and
you will receive a telephone consultation
with an experienced physician when necessary
Sick while at residence
Call school medical clinic 905-572-7883,
Ext 2824 or go to a walk-in clinic that is in our network. Deductible may apply if you go to a clinic that is NOT in the network.

Sick living off campus
Telemedicine, Family Practice Clinic, Walk-In Clinic,

Urgent Care Center, Emergency Room
Medical Surgeon
Medical Specialist
Dental Hygienist
Family Dentistry
Dental surgeon

Medical System in Canada
When to go to the Urgent Care Center

690 Main St W, Hamilton ( 9am – 9pm)

Trauma or injury to the head without loss of consciousness

Severe abdominal pain or accompanied by fever and vomiting

Lacerations, deep cuts or wounds that may require stitches

Mild to moderate asthma attacks

Follow up with the
school medical clinic

What the school clinic doesn’t do
Give Antibiotics
Without doctor’s

an illness
Always contact school clinic or residence staff first
Monday to Friday, 8-4
Call school medical clinic at 905-572-7883 ext. 2824
Go to Wellington Group at 414
Victoria N, Hamilton, (905) 529-7272
Health Care System at CIC
Or go to any preferred walk in clinics in the network

Mohawk Medical Walk in clinic 770 Mohawk Road West, 905-481-4114

Hamilton Downtown Medical Walk in clinic, 1 Duke Street, 905-667-0290

John Street Medical Walk in clinic, 225 John Street South, 905-529-9779

Nebo Medical Walk in clinic, 260 Nebo Rd., 905-381-9800

If you go to a walk-in clinic that is outside of the network, You may have to pay a deductible $$
When to go to the Emergency Room
Severe bleeding

Difficulty breathing

Broken bones

Chest pain or pressure not relieved by holding breath (expanding the ribcage)

Sudden dizziness or difficulty seeing

Severe burns
You can only get antibiotics with a Canadian doctor’s prescription

Viral illness is not cured by antibiotics

Not all illness/infection is cured by antibiotics

Builds resistances when taking the wrong antibiotics

Do not take antibiotics brought from home

(without a Canadian doctor’s prescription)
What is covered 100% by your insurance
Consultation with a Telemedicine doctor, medical doctor or
a specialist who are in the network

Room, meal and treatment when you are admitted to a hospital

Emergency relief of dental pain ( up to $500)

Treatment of dental accident ( up to $5000)

Most prescription medicines
What is covered when 12 month coverage purchased
Annual Physical Exam( up to $100)

Eye exam once a year ( up to $100)

$1000 for counseling, Psychiatric or Psychological treatment
(as an outpatient )

$1000 for physiotherapy when prescribed by a medical doctor

$25,000 life time maximum Psychiatric treatment (as an inpatient)

Acne medicine


Consultation or treatment due to drug alcohol abuse

Drug overdose intentionally or unintentionally

Consultation or treatment due to suicidal act

Consultation or treatment for cosmetic reason

Consultation or treatment due to any illegal or criminal act

Contact lenses or eye glasses

Drugs and medication commonly available without a

What is NOT covered
You may be required to pay a deductible
Seeing a medical doctor who is outside of the network

Visiting an Emergency Room for minor ailment

Visiting an Emergency Room and leaving before being assessed by a doctor.
Questions ??
Ainsliewood Building
Room S126

905-572-7883, Ext 2824

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