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Puerto Rico Myths & Legends

No description

awesome bonni

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Puerto Rico Myths & Legends

Puerto Rico! The Chupacabra Puerto Rico Cultures : Folklores Lots years ago when the earth was still covered
with trees and flowering plants,
and the animals lived together, the islands of the
Caribbean were ruled by la cotorra,
the parrot,
La Iguaca. Queen Iguaca
was a wise and caring ruler, but she was saddened by
what she saw in her native
island of Puerto Rico. The animals of Puerto
Rico had grown fat and lazy. The Song of Coqui The Legend of Guanina Our Sources : By: Bonni and Destiny Puerto Rico Myths & Legends The Taino tribe-people, the Spaniards, and the black slaves imported from Africa all contributed to the folklore heritage of Puerto Rico. The Taino passed their legends down orally;they were first recorded by the Spanish colonialists. Some of the Taino language was preserved by writers who used Taino words to describe the alien aspects of their new surroundings,including casabe and bohio. One of the first legends retold in Puerto Rico is that of Guanina by Dr. Cayetano Coll y Toste. Once the Taino Indians had proven that the Spaniards were not immortal through the death of Diego Salcedo they rebelled. The legend of Guanina tells of that rebellion. The Chupacabra is a wolf like animal that lives in Puerto Rico and feeds on the chickens and the live stock. http://www.marisamontes.com/folktale_stories.htm http://gopuertorico.about.com/od/thelocal/tp/folklore.htm
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