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city of ember 10 connections

No description

landan reich

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of city of ember 10 connections

City of ember corrupt leadership Landan Reich In my book The city of ember the mayor is a corrupt man who only cares about his own well being. he steals much needed supplies for his own special bunker where while the city starves and wares old cloths he eats like a king with fresh food and supplies. That is until one day lina and doon find out about this room and his knowledge that the city is very low on supplies and was lieing to the whole city about it. and his city guard also knew about his plans and went along with it locking up "trouble makers'. need for resources In my book The city of ember resources play a big role. the citizens of ember need to be constantly given supplies like food, cloths, light bulbs, furniture, paper and books or they will die but when the city was built the builders put in enough supplies in the massive supply rooms beneath ember to last 200+ years but after 247 years the supplies begin to dwindle things like canned peaches and new shoes have ran out and there are rumors that the light bulb supply is also running low Getting a job and graduating electricity rules your life In the city of ember electricity plays a giant role being the only source of light in the dark world the city's citizens live in. the light dictate when they get up go to bed and when and how they do there jobs. the power in Ember comes from a giant generator powered by a giant flowing river but the generator is old and falling apart and without it the people of ember will live in darkness for eternity. hghfjg In the real world resources also play a huge part on the worlds economy like in The city of ember we U.S citizens need a constant supply of food and clothing. But unlike the city of ember we have a great supply of all these things some question if we have to much some think we dont have enough. Everything that we use or consume - food, clothes, vehicles, tools, petrol, furniture, medicines, books, toys, and the infrastructure of electricity, roads bridges, and buildings are obtained from resources on this earth. The only thing one gets from outside is the sun's energy and even this is converted by the biotic components of the environment and by physical and chemical based processes on the earth before one makes use of it. The recent concerns about the environment and natural resources have arisen because of the increasing awareness of the finite nature. What appeared as to be plentiful earlier, clean water and air, fuel energy, land for food, forests and trees are becoming increasingly scarce. If one depletes them too fast, without the possibility of their regeneration, one will be creating untold misery for oneself and for the future generations. In the real wold electricity rules our lives the same if not more with all of todays technology its hard not to be consumed by it. Early man relied on fire for the luxuries of light, heat and cooking. Today, we take all these luxuries for granted. At the flick of a switch, a push of a button or the turn of a knob, we can have instant power. From the time we wake up in the morning until we hit the pillow at night, our daily life is dependent on electricity. The alarm we have to turn off each morning runs on electricity. The light in our bedroom, the hot shower we take before breakfast, Dad's electric razor. All these things need electricity in order to function. In the real world corrupt leadership is everywhere whether its the U.S or the Congo corruption is a big part in worlds politics. Leadership is at its core all about power and influence. Leaders use their power to get things done. A simple distinction is between two forms of power. Socialized power is power used to benefit others. We hope that our elected officials have this sort of power in mind and are primarily concerned with the best interests of their people Leaders can also become "intoxicated" by power - engaging in wrong behavior simply because they can and they can get away with it, and followers are willing to collude and make such exceptions "It's ok because he/she is the leader. in the real world graduating and getting a job is a big part of life here in America graduating is a long proses of going to school till your 18 or so and when you do finally graduate its a big occasion, your family comes and you have a huge party its your first step into the real world.
in America getting a job is a hge part of becoming an adult normally a kid in the U.S gets a job mid way through high school to pay for gas and other amenity's In the book graduation and jobs also play a big role but in different ways in the book graduation happens much earlier when your around 12 and you don't get a party and your family doesn't come, although it is a huge part of you life in ember. getting a job is a whole other story to get a job in the city you draw from a bag and whatever you draw thats your job no choice, in the book lina the main character draws pipework worker one of the worst jobs in ember but she trades with doon harrow for messenger her dream job this starts a long and lasting freindship between doon and lina the story is about Ember, an underground city that is slowly running out of power and supplies due to its aging infrastructure. The young protagonist, Lina Mayfleet, and her friend, Doon Harrow, manage to decode a message and follow clues left behind by the original builders of the City of Ember that would lead them to safety in the outside world. Loss of life In my book the loss of life is very relevant lina the main characters parents are deceased and doon harrow another main protagonist mother is also deceased and this plays a huge role in the book mostly with lina who has a small sister, they live with linas grandmother which is slowly becoming to old to take care of linas sister which wouldn't be a problem if both her parents where alive. half way through the book linas grandmother passes away leaving lina who has job responsibility's to take care of her sister until a close family friend moves in and takes care of her. Death is and inevitably in life but once you die the people you leave behind will have to keep living and handle the loss. The death of a loved one is one of the most challenging events an individual can experience, according to Mental Health America. The grieving period following a significant loss is typically marked by intense emotions and increased stress. While there is no fixed time line or process for grieving, many individuals experience grief in stages that gradually progress from shock to acceptance. Being a "kid" In the book lina and doon are often brushed aside by older people in ember simply because they are young when in fact thay where right about mostly everything they said. several times in the book lina tries to tell the mayor he grandmother and even the city guard that she thought there was a way out but not one person listend to her because they said she was to young or her imagination was running wild but in the end she was right. In the real world you find mostly the same thing adults seem to look past kids even if there ideas are valid and smart. adults just think that since there older they are smarter than kids but in some cases that's not true kids often have great ideas that work Venturing into the unknown in the city of ember a central idea is discovery and venturing into the unknown in several different ways. in the book the out side regions of ember are in a shroud of darkness only one person has ventured out and he returned crazy with stories of giant monsters, the more obvious one is linas and doons adventure to get to the city's exit to the surface which was a brave and harrowing journey of discovery. Taking care of the elderly Personal needs over the needs of others In the book lina must take care of her grandma when she becomes ill. Her grandma must be fed and bathed but she doesn't care because her grandma took care of her and her little sister poppy when linas parents past away when she was little. in the book linas grandma still lives in linas house even when she becomes ill the doctor comes to there house to visit and give lina medicine for her grandma. Taking care of older people in the real world is much different. often when a person gets to old they go live in a nursing home where people take care of them by giving them food medicine and baths, almost never do familys let them live in there house or take care of them when they are very sick or dieing. If they are to sick the elderly would have to go to a hospital where nurses would take care of them not the family. In the city of ember lina must make many decisions
and the theme of personal needs and wants is very relative one good example is that lina loves to draw and when she hears that a vendor might have some colored pencils but they are expensive and the money she has is for food for her grandma and poppy and she is torn but in the end she buys them and cant get as much food as she needs and while shes buying them poopy runs away. another example is the mayor he could use extra supplies to feed and cloth his people but insted he keeps them for himself. The same rules apply in the real world in small and large scales some small scale examples would be even though dad wants a 50 in tv he couldn't buy food for his family or if you buy and expensive meal for yourself instead of buying food for you and your friend who dosent have money. Some large examples would be going to war for another country, it would help the country but your citizens would die in the process. Over coming fear Fear and over coming it plays a big role in the city of ember. many times in the book lina or doon must overcome a fear some good examples are linas fear of darkness and whether when the city enters a blackout if the light will come back on this is a fear that most people in the city of ember have but its not till the end that lina overcomes this fear while in the mayors office being held prisoner the lights go out and instead of being scared she escapes and leaves the city. One of the more obvious examples is the fear of going beyond what you know lina and doon are both scared of leaving the city and finding what is out there but they overcome this fear and leave the city. In real life overcoming fear is the same and different in many ways and very between people and times kids today may define overcoming fear as presenting in front of class or riding a scary roller coaster as kids in the pas would define it as traveling across the west or going to the new world or just walking home from school and not getting eaten by a wolf. But one thing we can all agree on is that if humas had never overcome fear we would have never survived the caveman would not have left his cave or killed a wooly mammoth so overcoming fear is very important In the real world going into the unknown is the thing that shoots the human race forward from the primitive man venturing across mountains to crossing the ocean then the moon venturing into the unknown built America by venturing west and discovering gold and founding city's like Denver and Los angeles venturing into the unknown founded America if Christopher Columbus didn't venture into the unknown we would not be here.
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