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seema sharma

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Advertising

Meaning of Advertising
Building Brands &
Brand Values

Advertising is a way to promote sale of a product by motivating people.
Advertising builds brands and promotes product values.
Brand is the name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.
Advertising is concerned with building of brands.
Why do you think manufacturers use
different brands for promoting a product?
Brand Values & Social Works
Brand values influence social and cultural life of people.

Advertising is a very powerful tool that can influence our decisions.
Types of Advertising
Commercial Advertising
Commercial Advertising
Social Advertising
Political Advertising
Social Advertising
It promotes social or community issues such as Global warming, Rising population,Illiteracy, Save tiger etc.

It is used by Government departments, NGOs etc.
Political Advertisement
This type is normally used by Political parties or politically active groups to reach out to the people esp. during elections.
Principles of Advertising
Decency & Morality
No false & dubious information
As per Laws & Culture of the country
No derogatory remarks for other
products or producers.
For promoting products and services like soaps,cosmetics, food items, banking/Mobile services etc.
It is done through newspaper,radio,TV,billboards, Internet etc.
Techniques of Advertising
Emotional Appeal
How Useful is Advertising in a Democracy?
Meaning of Advertising
Advertising is a way to promote sale of a product by motivating people.
Advertising builds brands and promotes product values.
Objectives of Advertising
2. To give information about a particular product :
service,branch and its usage.
3. To keep the organisation in public eye.
1. To increase the demand for a product.
4. To build a reputation and brand for the product.
What we can watch on TV or read/see in Books, magazines & Newspaper etc ?
What are the various types of Media?
What is Media?
Gems Core Values
1. World Citizenship
2. Universal Values
3. Leadership Quality
4. Forward Thinking
* Create a Television Ad.

* This is for a 30 second commercial slot.

* First identify a product for your ad.

* This may be the toughest task! It can be a real or imaginary product.

* Next create a slogan. An example might be 'SuperJuice.' Your slogan
could be 'SuperJuice, Super Energy.'

* Now you're ready to write the script -- remember to keep it short.

* Perform the ad, enlist friends and volunteers to assist you
1. What is Advertising?
2. What are the various objectives
of Advertising?
3. What is the difference between social
and political advertising?
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