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Shatter Me

My book project. 1/5 Stanard

Stefanie Macklin

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Shatter Me

Shatter Me
Tahereh Mafi The Setting--
The setting is in post apocoliptic America.

The settings effect on the mood--
It makes everything a little bit more tense.
After all... every street is being patroled by police... It's not that bad... That's just to give you an idea. Some important characters--
Let's begin with, Juliette Ferrars- She is a Dynamic, Protaginast. Because by the end of the novel she has had a change of more than just heart. But mind. At the start of the story she believed that she was a monster, by the end her mind was changed.
Another important character is, Adam Kent- He is a Dynamic, Protaginast. Even though at the start he was pretending to be someone he wasn't, he changed to his true person.
And I do believe the last important character would be, Warner. He is a Static, Antagonist. Because he wants to use Juliette for her 'powers'. He treats her like a slave but expects her to work like a well paid employee...

Some other characters are Kenji Moshimoto- Castle- And James Kent Plot Elements-
264 days since Juliette Ferrers has seen the outside. 264 days since she has spoken a word. With nothing but the company of 4 walls, 144 square feet of space, and 26 letters in the alphabet.
Not to mention the 6,336 hours it has been since she has touched another human.
No one umderstands why Juliette's touch is deadly. She knows nothing of what it feels like to touch another human. When one day a cellmate was tossed in her cell, she figures out it's safer locked in the cell. Her world she once knew has been took over by The Reestablishment. A army of people trying to protect them by holding strict laws. When cellmate revels his true story. Juliette is taken to the head of The Reestablishment. Warner. He wants to use Juliette as a wepon.
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