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Why Little Kids Shouldn't Play Violent Video Games.

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Student Nine

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Why Little Kids Shouldn't Play Violent Video Games.

Why Little Kids Shouldn't Play Violent Video Games By Chris Chaffin 7Sr Parents these days wonder why their kids get mad so easily. Well I'll tell you why! You see, parents aren't taking the time to see which games their kids are buying. So of course the kids will buy the game that looks the coolest, which is how they end up playing games like Grand Theft Auto. My honest opinion is that kids should not play violent video games. Do video games make kids violent? I don't think so, but scientist have been looking for a link between the two. So far, they haven't found any real evidence of video games making people violent, but if you're worried about this, then observe the six video game ratings. The ratings are child, everyone, everyone ten and up, teen, mature, and adult. Most mature and adult games contain violence, sexual themes and drug references. Violence and drugs aren't the only things to worry about. Many adults online swear more than the video game itself. Adults also enjoy making fun of kids online. Scientist believe that this can cause depression. Being put down by another kid is one thing, but being put down by an adult is worse. Violence and drugs are not the only thing to worry about in video games. Many adults online swear more than the game itself. Not to mention, that adults often like to pick on kids online. Kids learn what they know from adults, so if a kid hears an adult swearing, they may start doing it too. What can we do about this? Well I'll tell you how! It really relies on the parents though. One thing parents can do is doing research on the game they want to buy for their kid. Another thing that parents can do is put gaming consoles in common areas in the household instead of the kid's room. So, please, stop kids from playing violent video games.
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