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The Way We Fall

No description

Karma Feltham

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of The Way We Fall

novel written by Megan Crewe
presentation by Kezia Feltham The Way We Fall Theme Setting Mood Characterization Point of View Plot The theme for The Way We Fall is "Don't ever take anything granted because life can change so quickly". This is the theme because in the novel, the community goes through many changes because of the virus. Life as they know it seems to slip from their grasps through out the novel. The mood for the novel The Way We Fall is fear; fear of the unknown, fear of the virus, fear of death, and fear of other people. The virus has caused a lot of negative change to the people and has caused a lot of panic in the novel. Thus, the mood is fear in this novel. Gordon is Kaelyn's adopted father and is also a microbiologist who is very important to deal with the virus. Most of the characters in The Way We Fall are round characters because everyone goes through huge changes. The only flat characters would have to be the characters in the novel like Gordon; the doctors constantly struggling to save lives and find the cure. The Way We Fall takes place on a island community in Canada during present time. The timing itself transitions between day and night because the novel carries on from the month of September to December. In The Way We Fall, the point of view is in first person. The Way We Fall is written from the point of view of a girl named Kaelyn's journal. Hence, she voices her opinion often and uses "I" quite a lot. In The Way We Fall, the people are the protagonists and the virus is seen as the antagonist. The main character is Kaelyn; a sixteen year old asian girl who is a very compassionate character. Other central characters are Gav, Meredith, Tessa, and Gordon (Kaelyn's father). Gav is Kaelyn's rough around the edges love interest, while Meredith is her very innocent seven year old cousin. Tessa was a past rival who becomes a very good friend to Kaelyn. continued... Conflict: The island is quarantined because of a new strain of deadly virus. Rising Action: Kaelyn's mom get's sick. Crisis: Kaelyn get's sick. Climax: Kaelyn get's better, but her mom dies. Falling Action: Kaelyn's dad dies protecting the hospital from mad men. Resolution: The quarantine is uplifted and the cure is found. Conflict For conflict in The Way We Fall; Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Society and Man vs. Self. Man vs. Nature because the community on the island are battling a highly deadly virus through out the novel. Next, Man vs. Society because every healthy person is against the group running around in the streets with the illness. Last but not least, Man vs. Self because Kaelyn at oone pint of time is driving herself crazy with whether she is doing the right thing or not and whether she has the virus or not. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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