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Pit Bull Persuasive

Are Pit Bulls Vicious or loving

Steven Staubus

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Pit Bull Persuasive

Reason #1 One reason I think this is because that not many pit bulls are aggressive. Reason #2 Pit bulls are no different than other dogs. Even kinder Reason 3 It is usually the owners fault My opinion is that
pit bulls are kind,
loving creatures and should be kept. These are the reasons I think this. Should pit bulls be
banned from Berwyn? In a study of canine behavior 82% of all dogs passed, 86.8% of pit bulls passed, and 85.2% of golden retrievers passed.

There is a 0.00125% chance that a pit bull will fatally attack a human and a 0.00433% chance of a rottweiler fatally attack.

Though pit bulls have had more fatal attacks, 66, there are also 5,000,000 of them compared to 39 fatal attacks from 900,000 rottweilers Twelve states have prohibited certain dogs including pit bulls. Zero communities have reported less dog attacks after the ban.

16 month old killed by mixed breed = 2 newspaper mentions. Two pit bulls injure 59 year old = 230 newspaper articles and on 3 major TV news channels.

567 people drown in pools for every 8 people killed by pit bulls Chained dogs are 2.8% more likely to bite.

10,728 canine abuse cases as of July 16 2012. 77.5% of cases involved pit bulls.

97% of dogs involved in fatal dog attacks in 2006 were not neutered. Counter argument Pit bulls have the most fatal
attacks of any breed. Even though are the most abused dog they have
a 0.00125% chance of fatally attacking compared to a 0.00433% chance in less abused rottweilers My conclusion is
that pit bulls are kind, loving creatures
but are mistreated sometimes so they should be kept. Response
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