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Suicide and Self-Harm

No description

Sarah Diamond

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Suicide and Self-Harm

Suicide and Self-Harm
Sarah Diamond
Section 3

Suicide and self-harm are closely related due to the fact that the people doing it are struggling and feel numerous emotions: pain, loneliness, hopelessness, depression, suffering, etc. They want to escape and end the pain. Sometimes it is a cry for help or they might like the attention it brings, like sympathy from others. A self-harmer's cuts can draw attention while an attempted suicide will make people more aware of the person and pay more attention to them.
: voluntary, deliberate, and intentional taking of one's own life.
Cannot bear psychological pain anymore.
Ex- depression, mental illnesses.
Fear and doubt that their situation will never get better.
Overwhelming stress.
They have made a mistake or have messed up their lives to a point of no return.
Symptoms/Warning Signs
Looking withdrawn or isolated.
Loss of interest in things they once enjoyed.
Making arrangements or a will.
Talking about a desire to die, having no reason to live, or being a burden on others.
Methods to support suicidal people
Get help immediately and stay with the person until they receive help.
Show that you care when talking to them. Let them open up to you and express their emotions so they feel less alone.
Where to find help
Local: The Suicide Prevention Center of New York (SPCNY)
Supports state actions to reduce suicide attempts and suicides in New York State and to promote the recovery of people affected by suicide.
National: SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education)
One of the nation's first organizations dedicated to the prevention of suicide. It is made up of a team of suicide survivors.
Suicide and self-harm are different by intent and mindset. Suicidal people see no other way out of their pain and believe they have no escape to their problems. Their mindset is that of thinking that they are burdens on their families or people will be happier once they are gone. On the other hand, self-harmers view hurting themselves as a way of coping and escaping their feelings. They have no intention of dying and temporarily want their emotions to be relieved.
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the act of deliberately harming one's own body.
Ex- cutting, burning, pinching, breaking bones, etc.
A way to cope with emotional pain.
A way to manage stress.
Connected to the self-derogation and criticism self-injurers experience.
Symptoms/Warning Signs
Unexplained or frequent injury.
Wearing long pants or sleeves in warm weather.
Low self-esteem.
Difficulty handling feelings.
Methods to support self-injurers
Offer options of help without taking control and help them to see ways to obtain help.
Seek support from trusted adults and obtain their advice on how to help.
Where to find help
Local: The Family Foundation School
This private, therapeutic boarding school in Hancock, New York is for teens at risk in grades 9 through 12. It specializes in aiding troubled students who self-harm and more.
National: To Write Love On Her Arms
This is a non-profit association dedicated to finding help for people struggling with issues such as depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.
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