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Using your re

No description

Tiana Carty

on 5 January 2018

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Transcript of Using your re

Use Your Resources
is your best friend
(Ex. type in Admissions Office for Purchase College)
Business cards
if possible. (They contain: email, phone, fax, name).

Financial Aid Package
students will have: tuition & fees, books & supplies.
Chegg = Cheaper books
On Campus
: Room & Board, Meal Plan, Personal Expenses, Transportation Expenses
The listed expenses vary (except for Room & Board, and Tuition & fees).
Each yr. your total cost of attendance will most likely INCREASE!!!
BEWARE, You WILL Have a Roommate(s)
MOST LIKELY matched with a roommate(s).
Matched based on:
sleeping patterns, cleanliness, study habits, etc.
Overtime, you may be able to choose the kind of room you want based on seniority
(your rank determines your lottery #)
Selection order: Upcoming Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores).
If you have an issue with your roommate, you will have to contact a Dorm Direction. If possible, you may be able to change your roommate or location.
Social Issues on Campus
It may be a huge
culture shock
Most residential campuses = a high population of Caucasian students
Sometimes you may gravitate towards other people who are similar to you.
Feel uncomfortable? Create clubs on campus, and
use your resources (ex. center for inclusion).
Transitioning from H.S. to College: You're All Grown Up... ALMOST
Dorm Life
Items destroyed in the dorm buildings = the whole building will be fined
(ex. Exit signs destroyed + 40 students living in the building = total cost divided 40 ways, & added onto your school bill for the yr.)
Mental Health
Keep yourself busy, but TRY to have fun.
Change is good, but you might get homesick
Anxiety, depression, etc., there are services for that. (Don't know where? Google it, ask around).
Social Life
Your social life is whatever you make it
"Work Now, Play Later"
Always be aware of your surroundings, and stick with trustworthy people
The school provides students with on-campus jobs (eligibility is based on parent(s) income)
Not eligible? Still apply for jobs on campus AND off campus (make sure you have reliable transportation)
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