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HRM321 Oral Presentation

GK Printers Limited Case Study

Ben Jack

on 31 August 2011

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Transcript of HRM321 Oral Presentation

GK Printers Limited Question Time Overview The Case and the Theory Case Study For Chapter 5
HRM321 Oral Presentation

Benjamin Jack Conclusion What does it mean in terms of change management? What is GK Printers Limited? Chapter 5 Theory Have you been listening or just watching the pretty colours? Establishment Small, Family run
business Established after
WWII Printing Business "No job too large or too small" Stationary
Business Cards
Publicity Brochures Initial Business Unlike other simular businesses,
GK Printing Limited updated
their equipment and processes
and continued to grow. Where did it go wrong? Loss of Business Increased Competitors Lower prices offered by competitors Customers placing smaller, less frequent orders Customers making their own prints
with their own equipment Smaller Orders
= Problem Less profit due to fixed costs (Design, Order Processing, Set-up) which remain the same regardless of the size of the order Because of this the price of their product
had to become more expensive, making it
less attractive to customers Solution = Reduce Costs Effecientcy of internal operations Reduced set-up time - Less Cost
- Lower Prices
- Better Customer
Service Give the guy a chance... Marketing and Design Manager is given
responcibility of determining
cost-reducing solutions 3 Important Issues: - Shorter print runs (smaller orders)
- Printer staff without work
- Other departments struggelling Particularly Design Solution after 2 weeks work: Hire new design staff to make the design phase quicker... Managers Meeting Marketing and Design Manager proposed his solution: Denied by managers Meeting ended with no solution Lost the love "Friendly working
atmosphere" Marketing and Design Manager seen to have
wasted time and favoured one department Managing Director Regrets not forming a team Cant see it possible to
now form a team Realises he now needs to find the solution... What Solution??? “Organisational culture is the prime determinant of organisational performance” “warring factions” Do you think the Marketing and Design Manager
will develop a viable solution? Deliverables: Discussion of the case study Apply the theory A good distraction What would you do to
make costs lower? Hawthorn Studies Employees worked better when
they knew someone was interested
in what they were doing Managing director interested in
Marketing and Design Manager's
proposal. Look at the lights... Theory X Assumptions Employees assume employers dont care Employers assume emplyees are lazy Theory X and Y Culture People Leadership Management Contingency Theory Boss Centered Subordinate Centered "Collection of basic assumptions, values, norms and artefacts that are influenced and shared by the organisation." "What are the difficulties in terms of culture and dominate coalitions?" Difficulties The different factions sabotaging each other The best solution is not chosen A solution may not result Individuals are not heard Application to the Case Study Managing Director knows this may be the case Oh Noo.. Do you remember why he thinks this may be the case? Sometimes change is needed so the organisation can remain competitive Change should a process involving all people within an organisation Change in culture will result in a change in employees productivity Things to be mindful of; creating warring factions and dominant coalitions Thanks :)
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