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Copy of Chinese Zodiac Signs

chinese zodiac signs project............

Megan Cox

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiac Signs What are the 12 signs of
The Chinese Zodiac and
what do they each mean? The 12 signs of The Chinese
Zodiac are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit,
Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep (goat
or ram), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and
Pig. The sign of the Rat can mean
that a person can be very loyal
and loving. Rat people can inspire
others around them
with their high energy
levels and expert
organizatinal talents. So it's very rare to see
them with nothing to do. Rat peope can be tenacious,
sensitive, charming, sociable,
manipulative, critical, ruthless,
intolerant, and schemeing. Rat people are in the first
trine, have yang and their
fixed element would be water. Rat people match the
best with people of the
monkey and/or the dragon
sign. They generally do not
match well with those of
the horse sign.
The second sign of
The Chinese Zodiac is
the Ox. They are
self-assured and noted
for inspiring confidence
in others.
Oxen can be generally patient
and thoughtful. They are known
to be stubborn and very loyal to
those they love. Their tempers are legendary,
so stay away when they are
opposed. Never cross an Ox. Oxen often see things
only as good or bad. They
have excellent memories
and can recall things from
many years ago. They are usually dependable,
calm, methodical, conventional,
steady, logical, tenacious, rigid,
narrow-minded, intelligent, and
leaders. Oxen are in the second
trine, have yin, and their
fixed element is water. The third sign of The Chiense
Zodiac is the Tiger. They are
dynamic, fascinating, commanding,
and exsaperating. They are known to
be patient but short-tempered. They have many various personality
traits. They are marked with reluctance
to make-up their minds. They are quite
happy among familar sorroundings. Tigers are unpredictable and
emotional. They can be rebellious,
impulsive, vigorous, and reckless. Tigers are in the 3rd trine,
they have yang, and their
fixed element is wood. Tigers generally pair best with
the Horse or the Dog. They
mostly do not match well with
the Monkey. What is the history of
The Chinese Zodiac? No one is exactly sure how
The Chinese Zodiac came to
be so no light has been shed
on how and when it and the
symbols were designed. All records of the oldest
civilizations have remained
unchanged in all of history.
Zodiac was introduced to the
Babylonians by the Akkadians,
from north of Assyria, before
3000 B.C. No one is closer to discovering
the true origins than before.
But there are many stories and
legends of how the
Chinese Zodiac came to be. Some people believe Buddah
invited all the animals to join him
for a New Year's celebration. It says
only 12 animals arrived to see Buddah.
He made a promise to each of them. His
pomise was that he would name each year
after each animal in which the order they
arrived. Traditionally the Rat begins the Zodiac.
There are many legends as to why this is
so. Some have to do with winning races,
others involve the Rat arriving first by
tricking the cat, who swore to always be
the natural enemy of the Rat. Why is Chinese Zodiac
still used in China today? The Chinese calander
still orients around
The Chinese Zodiac During the dances for the
parade of the Chinese
New Year's celebration,
people use "costumes" of the
animal of the previous and
new year. The Dragon is
commonly known to be used
in the parades but he is used
in symbolism of The Chinese
Chinese Zodiac also has
to do with Feng Shui astrology
and is invovled in The Yin-Yang. Sometimes real aniamls
are used as symbolism
of The Chinese Zodiac The Rabbit is the fourth sign
of The Chinese Zodiac.
Rabbits are usuall very calm,
gentle, and loving but they
know how to excell and
succeed in the world. These people are very kind and
they are good listeners. Therefore
they are the most sought out, popular,
and trusted friends to have. Rabbits are wise and catious. They
are known to evaluate a situation
before they jump into it. These people
are generally the lucky people of the
bunch. Rabbits are gracious, amiable,
reserved, shy, moody, and
opportunistic. They can be
detached and stubborn. Rabbits belong to thefourth
trine, have yin, and their
fixed element is wood. Rabbits generally match best
with the Sheep and Pig. Rabbits
do not match well with the
Rooster. The Dragon, the fifth sign,
is the most vital and powerful
of all The Chinese Zodiac. They
have a reputation for having a
hot head. A Dragon's energy can
be felt from the moment they
enter a room. They are energetic
and known to inspire confidence
in others wth their honesty and
quick-witt. Dragons only reveal the secret
of their soft heart to trustworthy
friends. They are not shy about
going after what they want. Dragons are statley, proud, direct,
jealous, intellectual, desicisive, and
loyal. They can be demanding, and
violent. Dragons belong to the first trine,
have yang, and their fixed element
is wood. These people match best
with the Rat, Snake, Monkey, and
the Rooster. They don't match with
the Dog. The Snake, the sixth animal,
is usually very placid, but their
thoughts and emotions run deep. Snakes like to work alone.
They are usually awarded
for their real and lasting
accomplishments, than for
attempts at garnering
attention. They hate to fail and
are very lucky when it
comes to making money.
They are known to be
hoarders and are very
frugal and catious when
lending out money. Snakes are wise, graceful,
prudent, cautious, strong,
and purposeful. They can be
distrustful, suffocating, and
cold. Snakes belong to the
second trine, have yin,
and their fixed element is
fire. Snakes match with
the Ox and Rooster. They
do not match with the Pig. Horses, the 7th animal, are
cool but hot-blooded, hard-nosed
but humble. Horses are happy in social
settings, but are first to leave
because they feel too "penned in".
They like large events, in big, open
spaces. They are cheerful, popular,
talkative, intelligent, and can
be childish, rude, and stubborn. Horses belong to the 3rd
trine, have yang, and their
fixed element is fire. They match
best with the Tiger, Dog, and Sheep.
They don't match with the Rat. The Sheep, the 8th animal,
is often artistic, sensitive,
sweet, and charming. Sheep are shy by nature,
but are outwardly dreamy,
and starry-eyed. They are
inwardly anxious. Sheep are righteous,
sympathetic, peaceful,
and can be moody, and
weak-willed. Sheep are in the 4th trine,
have yin, and their fixed
element is fire. They match
best with the Rabbit, Pig, and
Horse.They don't match well
with the Ox.
Monkeys, the 9th animal,
are noted for their clever
genious and for their
intelligence. They are
cheerful and energetic by
nature. Monkeys can be extremly
curious and thirsty for
knowledge, so they are
best happy when absorbing
new facts. They are easily admired
by people for their ease
at solving difficult problems. Monkeys are quick-witted,
polite, intellectual, and
dignified. They can be vain,
snobbish, manipulative, and
jealous. Monkeys belong to the first
trine, have yang, and their
fixed element is water. Monkeys match best with
the Dragon and Rat. They
generally do not get along
well with the Tiger. Roosters, the 10th animal,
are loyal and trustworthy,
very accomplished, and
usually very well-dressed. Roosters always think
they are right, but they
usually are right. They
are boastful by nature,
shrewd, daring, and
outspoken. Roosters are deep thinkers
and big dreamers. They are
shy and conservative at the
heart, so are overly concered
about appearance.
Roosters are neat, decisive,
critical, and responsible. They
can be puritanical, and opinionated. Roosters belong to the
2nd trine, have yin, and
their fixed element is metal. Roosters match best with
the Ox, Snake, and Dragon.
They generally do not go with
the Rabbit Dogs, the 11th animal,
make the best friends
because they are loyal,
truthful, and true. Dogs are not showy and
can sometimes be shy
around people. They are
born warriors, and are apt
at finding the fault at every
passing injustice. They are honest, attractive,
intelligent, and sensitive. They
can be lazy, cold, and stubborn.
They belong to the 3rd trine, have
yang, and their fixed element is metal.
They match best with the Horse,
Tiger, and Rabbit. They do not with
the Dragon. Pigs are honest, calm, loyal,
and trusting. They can be
over-reliant, gulliable, and
materialistic. Pigs are in the 4th trine, have
yin, and their fixed element is
water. Pigs, 12th animal, are intellectually curous. They can be relied upon for their
loyalty and often make true
friends Pigs are regarded for
their chivalry and for
the pureness of heart. However, Pigs are naive
and may easily fall victim
to the unscrupulous, who
take advantage of their
idealistic nature. Generally, Pigs match best
with the Rabbit and Sheep.
They will not get along with
the Snake.
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